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How are you being sold Gap by your dealership?

The new FCA rules for the sale of Gap Insurance came into force on 1st September, with motor dealers now being forced into providing consumers with the opportunity to shop around for their Gap Insurance. Of course, the main outcome of this is that when you are considering Gap cover then you may find significant savings can be made by buying your cover away from the supplying motor dealer.

The new rules are supposed to provide consumers with a 4 day window that will provide them with time to explore their options. The feedback we have been getting is that most motor dealers are adhering with the new requirements, however there still seems to be some rather underhand tactics employed when the subject of independent Gap Insurance providers are mentioned in the dealership! Of course we would expect that the imaginations of some can bring about some pretty interesting reasoning for why the motor dealer product may be better than those you find at GapInsurance123! However whether there is any truth to any of these reasons is a completely different thing!

Of course we would always argue that the products we provide are at least a match, and indeed often vastly exceed the product features you will find with your dealer product. We would also say that this is true for the majority of the independent market.

It may be difficult to understand why there can be such a difference in premium price too, with a £399 motor dealer product often finding a GapInsurance123 equivalent product priced at £69! Please remember that the motor dealer will have to justify the price difference to you, but we would always urge you to check the policy terms we offer, and ask the dealer to measure then against their product. You may find that their protests subside.

In our view, and you find this echoed by many in the marketplace, it is not that our premiums are cheap at all, it is more that the motor dealers product premiums are far, far too expensive, and not even close to providing value for the risk you are looking to provide.

If you have any feedback regarding the way your motor dealer has offered you Gap please let us know, we would love to hear all about it!