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Getting a new 66 plate car?

So you have the new car ordered, you have the registration plate and have organised the insurance, what is left to do?
New 66 plate car

The motor dealer will no doubt have been informing you about the option for Gap Insurance on your new car. Under new FCA rules, the motor dealer must also tell you that you can buy gap insurance independently, and allow you a window of opportunity to assess the open market for alternatives.

For the tens of thousands of consumers who check GapInsurance123 each month, it is often apparent that you can find much better value and cover away from the motor dealers in many cases.

So what can GapInsurance123 offer?

Well, we can offer a range of Gap Insurance products from an 'A' security rated insurer (AM Trust International Underwriters Ltd). As part of this range we can offer:

We also offer options to cover negative equity carried over from a previous finance agreement, as well os offer cover for taxi's, courier, driving schools and motorbikes.

In addition, GapInsurance123 is only one of a number of websites operated by Aequitas Automotive Ltd. This means we can compare (without bias) a range of products from a number of insurers. This not only means we can look at comparative Gap Insurance products, but also at complementary products such as:
Aequitas Automotive Ltd
Rather than trawling through countless websites we can compare a number of products with just one call. In our view this allows us to fairly compare products from different insurers, but also offer you the best balance of products and premium price.

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