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Gap Insurance rate rises?

At GapInsurance123 we pride ourselves in giving both the best premium prices and best policy features we possibly can to our customers. Providing this mix is not always easy, but this is something we have always tried our best to do.

We have seen recently that some online providers have increased their premiums quite significantly. The great news is that we will not be following suit. We work very closely with our underwriters to ensure that the prices we provide remain as stable as possible, and we employ a different business model to many other providers. This is because we use a number of different insurers across a number of brands. This means we think we can keep our insurers keen on both the best possible policy features and premium rates. Our insurers also know that we will be able to directly compare claims procedures with all our insurers. This gives us the ability to ensure our claims are handled in line with the very best in the market.

You may find other providers have an 'all eggs one basket' approach that means that they may have an exclusive agreement with only one insurer. This means they are less likely to be able to defend rate rises or imposition of unfavourable policy features.

Of course if we do see a rate rise with one of our insurers, then we will normally be able to provide you with a better value alternative in a matter of seconds.

So our commitment to continue to provide the best policy features, best claims procedures and best value rates is something we plan to continue.