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YouGov survey shows a shortfall in legal expenses cover

The YouGov report also highlighted that 89% of those surveyed did not know or where unsure about which legal services where even covered by their legal expenses insurance policy

These finding have come at a bad time in the world of the financial services where customer confidence has never been lower and prompted the Chief of the Uk's legal ombudsman, Adam Sampson, to warn customers of the findings.

Adam Sampson warned that consumers need to be more aware following a number of cases in which customers who sold legal expenses insurance policy's which was not only complex but also difficult to understand.

In the legal ombudsman latest report a reference is made to a number of cases in which this had been bough to his attention where customers where losing un-realistic amount of money following a "no-win-no-fee" promise. The matter was compounded with questionable fixed fees and even more confusing insurance policies.

The report also made reference to the damage that had been done to the financial services as a whole in the form of the PPI scandal. After all payment protection can and does work for many many customers however it can and will never work if it has been miss sold in any way. After all any insurance is all about risk and how something happening could affect you.

Insurance can never stop the event from happening but it can take away the financial worry it and when it does. Do make informed choices you need to totally understand exactly what your policy does and does not cover, from life insurance to car insurance, from gap insurance to gadget insurance. After all how can you real factual decisions if you do not understand the benefits and exclusions of your policy?

The ombudsman then commented on just how terrible it would be if the legal sector was to follow down this path.

Do you know what type of cover it is and what sort of legal services your insurance policy covers?