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Buy GAP Insurance from GAPInsurance123

Buy GAP Insurance so that you can protect your investment. Not paying cash for your vehicle? Then why risk being left paying for a vehicle you no longer have? Levels of protection will depend on your eligibility.

Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance cover the cost of punctures, blowouts, and cosmetic repairs to your tyres and alloy wheels. No excess to pay and instant cover from Brand New Cars ( T&C's Apply)

SMART Care & Alloy Wheel Insurance protects you against the cost of repairing minor scuffs, abrasions and dings to the bodywork and alloy wheels, including Diamond Cut. Terms and Conditions apply.

Motor Excess Insurance - To cover up to £1,500 of your motor insurance excess costs and charges in any one year. Cover available for private cars and motorbikes. From £14.99 a year for £300 cover.

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP Insurance 123

GAP Insurance (also known as Guaranteed Asset Protection) is an optional protection that can give additional financial assistance in the event of a total loss claim. There are several types of GAP Insurance that can protect different aspects of depreciation for both new and used vehicles.  

Suppose your vehicle is stolen, in an accident, fire, or flood and is written off. In that case, your motor insurers’ market value settlement may not be enough to clear off your finances or give you enough to replace the vehicle if you own it outright. 

This is where GAP Insurance can step in to top up your motor insurers' settlement. 

You can buy GAP Insurance to cover a shortfall on a lease, return you to the original price you paid or to the full replacement cost even when that is higher. 

Did you know

All reasons why GAP Insurance can be a valuable protection.

Types of GAP Insurance

Types of GAP Insurance 

There are a number of different types of GAP Insurance available for vehicle owners.

All are designed to top up your motor insurance settlement at the point of total loss. They simply differ in what they top you back up to. Here is how they work:

Return to Invoice GAP Insurance: to cover back to the original invoice price you paid

Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance: to cover back to the cost of the equivalent replacement vehicle 

Contract Hire & Lease GAP Insurance: to cover back to the outstanding lease settlement

Agreed Value GAP Insurance: to cover back to the value of your vehicle on the day you bought the policy

Top Up GAP Insurance: to add 25% to your motor insurers settlement, capped at £10,000

Finance GAP Insurance: to cover up to the outstanding finance settlement

Negative Equity GAP Insurance: to cover the outstanding finance settlement, including negative equity carried from your previous finance agreement. 

Combined Return to Invoice GAP Insurance

Combined Return to Invoice GAP insurance can cover the difference, in the event your car is written off, between:

  • Your car insurance market value settlement

And the higher of:

  • the original invoice price you paid for the car
  • or the outstanding finance settlement

Combined Return to Invoice GAP Insurance from GAPInsurance123 can be suitable for cars

  • purchased no more than 180 days ago.
  • new or used (up to 8 years old and less than 80,000 miles at the time of purchase).
  • with a purchase invoice price of less than £100,000.
  • where all drivers are 18, or older.
  • purchased outright (cash), on PCP or HP

This is the type of policy most commonly offered by dealerships. This policy is, effectively RTI GAP and Finance GAP Insurance rolled into one.

As well as Combined Return to Invoice it is also known as RTI GAP, Back to Invoice or Retail Price Protection.

Combined Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance

Combined Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance can cover the difference, in the event your car is written off, between:

  • your car insurance market value settlement

and the higher of

  • the cost of the equivalent new vehicle at the time you claim
  • the invoice price you originally paid for the vehicle
  • the outstanding finance settlement

Combined Vehicle Replacement GAP from GAPInsurance123 can be suitable for cars

  • bought within the last 180 days
  • up to 4 years old and less than 40,000 miles on the clock at policy purchase
  • with a maximum invoice of less than £100,000
  • where all drivers are 18, or older
  • purchased outright (cash), PCP or HP

Combined VRI from GAPInsurance123 is a Guaranteed Asset Protection product that rolls Vehicle Replacement, Back to Invoice and Finance GAP Insurance in one policy.

Combined Vehicle Replacement GAP is also known as VRI GAP Insurance, RVI GAP Insurance or Replacement GAP Insurance.

Lease & Contract Hire GAP Insurance

Lease & Contract Hire GAP Insurance can cover the difference, in the event your car is written off, between

  • your car insurance market value settlement


  • the lease settlement figure at time of loss

OPTIONAL Deposit Protection can cover up to £3,000 of any advanced rentals paid. These can be claimed back to use as a deposit for your replacement car.

Contract Hire & Lease GAP Insurance from GAPInsurance123 can be suitable for cars

  • up to 8 years old with no more than 80,000 miles on the clock at the time of purchase
  • secured on a lease no more than 180 days ago
  • with a maximum P11d value of £100,000
  • where all drivers are 18, or older
  • secured via a lease where you have NO option to own the car written into the agreement

Contract Hire & Lease GAP Insurance is also known as Lease Shortfall or Finance GAP.

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are covered by The Financial  Ombudsman Service

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GAPInsurance123 reviews and testimonials

We understand that reviews from previous customers are an important consideration when you are looking for who to buy GAP Insurance from.

Since we launched online in 2011, GAPInsurance123 has collected reviews from a number of sources.   These include:

 1) Feefo 

 (the company we use to collect reviews currently) 5 Star Rated GAP Insurance

 2) eKomi 

 (a company we have used in the past to collect our customer reviews)

 3) TrustPilot 

We have no official link to TrustPilot, but customers can leave reviews because they use TrustPilot.   However, we cannot verify these reviews.

 4) Google Reviews 

Again, we have no official link with Google reviews, but customers can leave reviews via their Google accounts.


We are happy to confirm that, currently, GAPInsurance123 has received around 11,000 reviews across all of the platforms highlighted above.

Our aggregate average rating is 4.91 out of 5 (as of May 2024) 



What makes GAP Insurance work?  GAP Insurance


  1. Vehicle depreciation: Your vehicle will have lost value since you first bought it, or secured it on a lease.

  2. Your vehicle is written off or stolen and becomes a total loss: This may be following an accident, fire, flood or theft. 

  3. Market value settlement: The comprehensive motor insurer settlement from a car insurance provider only pays the vehicle's replacement value at the time it is written off. This settlement reflects the loss in value of the vehicle since you first got it. 

  4. Your financial needs: You need to pay off a lease, HP or PCP agreement and also replace the vehicle. Your motor insurers' settlement may not be enough, on its own, to do so.





GAPInsurance123 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you covered outside the UK?

Your GAP Insurance covers you in the UK & any EU Member State T&C's Apply

How can you pay for your policy?

You can pay using any Major credit card, PayPal & AMEX or by a premium funding agreement.

Is there a claim limit on my GAP Insurance policy?

Vehicles up to £75,000 do not have a claim limit on RTI and VRI.  Please check other policies for claim limits that apply.

Can I transfer my cover?

Subject to the eligibility of your next vehicle e.g. price, you can transfer cover free of charge T&C's apply. 

Where are you based?

We are UK-based, as are our main Insurers. We also have a UK-based Customer Services & Claims Teams.

Do you pay for my excess?

Yes we pay up to £250 towards your 
Motor Insurance Company Excess deduction

Do you cover my named drivers?

Yes, we cover named drivers over 18 named on your motor insurance.

Who gets paid my settlement?

We pay all settlements in Cash to you and not a "Pet" broker or dealership

Are your reviews genuine?

Yes. Our reviews have been collated by eKomi, TrustPilot, Google Reviews and Feefo since 2011.

Who owns GAP Insurance 123

We are proud to be part of the Aequitas Automotive Limited Group 

How Much Does GAP Insurance Pay Out?   GAP Insurance settlement and payout


GAPInsurance123 is one of a number of brands owned and operated in the UK by specialist insurance broker Aequitas Automotive Ltd. Aequitas has been selling GAP Insurance since 2010 via its online brands GAPInsurance123, EasyGap, TotalLossGap, and


We have sold hundreds of thousands of policies to UK vehicle owners in our time. Our experience gives us an almost unique insight into how GAP Insurance works as we work with different underwriters for our brands.


It also allows us to gather data on claims. Here, we can show you details on GAP Insurance claims across our brands over the last five years.


As you can see, the largest GAP Insurance claim paid was £39,980, and the average claim paid was £5,253.66 over that period. (Figures correct as of May 2024)


We have seen £3,651,292.35 paid out in GAP Insurance claims to our customers since the beginning of 2019.


GAP Insurance Claims in 2024 (to date May 2024)


Average GAP claim settlement £7,555.48


Largest GAP claim pay out £21,950

GAP Insurance Claims - Average and Largest Settlements by year


Average GAP Claim Settlement £4,813.29

Largest GAP Claim Pay Out £25,108


Average GAP Claim Settlement £5.796.32

Largest GAP Claim Pay Out £39,980


Average GAP Claim Settlement £4,922.72

Largest GAP Claim Pay Out £21,269


Average GAP Claim Settlement £5,065.05

Largest GAP Claim Pay Out £31,286


Average GAP Claim Settlement £5,392.31

Largest GAP Claim Pay Out £32,905

How GAPInsurance123 can save you moneyBrowse GAP Insurance 123 for a great deal today


GAPInsurance123 has been providing GAP products online since 2011.


Since that time, we have provided hundreds of thousands of UK consumers access to our products.


If you decide to buy GAP Insurance from GAPInsurance123, we believe we can provide you with the best value for money.


Sometimes it can seem strange just why there is so much difference in premium between GAP Insurance policies from a car dealership and from GAPInsurance123. The difference can literally be hundreds of pounds. You may be interested in finding out exactly why the difference is as it is.


There are lots of reasons why, but here are a few which we hope will illustrate why.



We are proud to be independent.

As mentioned above, we have access to a number of underwriters' products through our company.

We do not sign one exclusive agreement with one underwriter.

We think that this puts us in the unique position of being able to offer choice.

One size does not fit all and having a choice of underwriters as well as policies helps us cherry-pick the most appropriate policy for you and the best deal we can. 

Each underwriter will have slightly different terms and conditions so by having more than one we can hopefully offer a policy that suits you and your circumstance instead of trying to shoehorn you into a policy that may not have all of the features you want. 

It also helps us drive the very best deal on premiums and features with insurers who want our business.

That value is passed to our customers. 

We do not pay for Recommendations.

We understand that marketing is important for any brand. However, we will not pay for any endorsement from any company unless we see it adds value to our customers. We know many of our rivals may appear to be 'recommended' by any number of well-known companies. What is less well known is that a commercial arrangement exists between a GAP Insurance provider and the company 'recommending' us. These commercial recommendations and ratings only add to costs unnecessarily, in our view. These costs would be added to the premiums you pay.

Some of the companies providing these 'recommendations' are not even registered with the FCA. This hardly puts them in a position to pass comments, in our opinion. We understand some of our rivals may not agree with our stance, which is fine. It is just not a route for us.

Over the years GAPInsurance123 has appeared on websites like Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert, Honest John and Which?, as well as many car owners and enthusiasts forums like Pistonheads. All of these have been unpaid features and mentions.

We do pay for an independent expert to collate reviews on our services. We think this does add value to our customers and ourselves, and we display these on our website.

GAPInsurance123 does not appear on comparison websites.

We are the first to recognise the value of the big comparison websites.

The likes of MoneySupermarket, and GoCompare already currently offer GAP Insurance facilities.

However, the fees and/or commissions that the websites take from the sales of the products are just too high in our view.

We cannot see, at the cost levels they are, how this adds to the value for a customer.

Again, these costs would only have to be added to the premiums we would have to charge our customers.

We completely understand others may disagree, but for now we feel we can continue offering better value by staying off comparison websites and passing saving directly to you.

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Reasons not to purchase GAP Insurance 


1. Older vehicles with slower depreciation: The benefits of having GAP Insurance are lower for older vehicles purchased with cash, as older cars depreciate at a slower rate. Indeed, GAP Insurance is generally unavailable for vehicles over ten years oldGAP Insurance 123 website


2. Comprehensive car insurance coverage: Often, a comprehensive car insurance policy may already offer replacement coverage for new cars written off within the first year, reducing the immediate need for GAP Insurance during that period. It is worth noting there may be restrictions and eligibility criteria regarding any 'new for old' replacement cover. Also, you may still want GAP Insurance to cover you after this period ends. If this is the case, you can look to defer the start date of your GAP Insurance coverage with a limited number of GAP Insurance providers.  


3. Sufficient funds to cover shortfall: If you are confident that your savings or other sources of funding would adequately cover the monetary shortfall with a car insurance settlement in case of a total loss, GAP Insurance may not be necessary.


4. Longer time since car purchase: If more than 12 months have passed since buying the car, the need for GAP Insurance may be diminished. It should also be noted that the availability of GAP Insurance products also diminishes.


5. Not interested in a brand new replacement: If you are not concerned about replacing your vehicle with a brand new one and are content with a comparable used car, the additional coverage provided by GAP Insurance may not be required.

GAP Insurance Guide, Insights and Advice

One advantage of being one of the longest-established independent GAP Insurance brands on the internet is that we have answered thousands of questions over the years. Our knowledge and experience mean we are well-placed to answer any query you may have.

If you think you have a strange question, please do not be afraid to ask us. We are sure we have been asked it before!  GAP Insurance expert

We also know that some people do not have time to call us in the daytime to you can contact us by email or via our contact page (details in the menu at the top of the page).

Our experience also allows us to write comprehensive and knowledgeable guides and reports on all kinds of aspects surrounding GAP Insurance and the other products we provide.

Here are some of the most popular and latest pages you may want to take a look at.


Popular GAP Insurance Guides

Can you buy GAP Insurance after buying the car? - Do you have to purchase a GAP Insurance policy before leaving the motor dealership? Find out what options you may have for a GAP policy after buying your vehicle. 

GAP Insurance, is it worth it? - The question that anyone looking at protecting their vehicle purchase will ask. Whether you are buying new or used cars, paying cash or taking funding through a finance company, do you have a need for GAP Insurance? Will GAP cover benefit you? Here we run through the pro's and con's of taking GAP Insurance cover or not.

What does GAP Insurance cover me for? - So many questions can be asked about what GAP Insurance actually covers you for. How does GAP Insurance add to your car insurance payout if it is stolen or written off? Does GAP Insurance cover every incident that may happen? Is GAP Insurance only for a brand new car? Lots or questions and lots of answers in our guide.

Can you renew GAP Insurance? - When you get a GAP Insurance quote, is it possible to renew GAP cover at the end of that period? If you keep your brand new car longer than the end of the PCP agreement what are your options for GAP Insurance cover?

How do you cancel GAP Insurance? - If you sell your vehicle mid-term, and you have no further use for your GAP Insurance policy, what are your options? Here we explain your cancellation options.


Latest GAP Insurance Guides    Car write off accident

Top 50 GAP Insurance exclusions - All insurance have exclusions. GAP Insurance policies are no different. Here we provide you with 50 GAP Insurance exclusions. Some you may expect, some you may not.

What is Combined GAP Insurance? - You will often see GAP Insurance products described as 'combined'. What does this mean? Here we explain what a Combined GAP Insurance policy is, some of the more popular examples and how they cover you.

Does GAP Insurance cover balloon payments? - A Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance agreement is one of the most popular forms of finance agreements used by 'retail' car buyers. Whilst GAP Insurance should cover an outstanding finance balance, but what about the balloon payment due at the end of the PCP term?

Do you buy GAP Insurance from your motor dealer or an online provider? - The premium price difference for GAP Insurance at motor dealers and online providers can cause some concern and confusion. Here we explain the difference in premiums and other factors to consider when deciding where to purchase GAP Insurance from.

Is GAP Insurance paid annually? - GAP Insurance at GAPInsurance123 is available for terms between 1 and 5 years. But can you simply get GAP Insurance on a year-on-year basis?


How GAPInsurance123 saves you money - The Which? GAP Insurance comparison


At GAPInsurance123, we strive to provide our customers with the very best value possible. We understand that the product features make up a huge part of that, and our experience of over a decade in the market has helped us hone our products. 


We also understand we work in a very competitive marketplace, and premium price plays a huge part in the decision process for customers.   GAP Insurance quote


To show how much value GAPInsurance123 provide, we can compare our premium prices against one of the best-regarded GAP Insurance reports and comparisons on the internet today. The report by Which? has been around for over a decade. The consumer champion compares online providers against each other for a range of vehicle prices. They compare Return to Invoice GAP and Vehicle Replacement GAP quotes on these parameters. 


So how does GAPInsurance123 compare with the other online brands on the Which? GAP Insurance comparison? 


The results speak for themselves!


GAP Insurance comparison quote - 3-year Return to Invoice


  GAPInsurance123 quote GAP Insurance providers on Which?*
Citroen C3 £13,995 £89.99 £221 - £134
Mazda 3 - £22,505 £103.63 £257 - £145
BMW 1 Series - £27,719 £149.28 £293 - £186
Audi A5 Coupe - £37,935 £153.45 £402 - £197



GAP Insurance comparison quote - 3-year Vehicle Replacement GAP


  GAPInsurance123 quote GAP Insurance providers on Which?*
Citroen C3 £13,995 £149.17 £198 - £169
Mazda 3 - £22,505 £167.79 £249 - £176
BMW 1 Series - £27,719 £193.11 £285 - £211
Audi A5 Coupe - £37,935 £224.76 £308 - £226


*Providers' quotes are only compared if they are not part of the Aequitas Automotive Ltd. group of online brands., and are therefore excluded from the comparison.

Quotations as of October 2023.


The bottom line is that you will get the very best value possible from GAPInsurance123, and we should save you money in the majority of quotations.