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Who gets paid when you make gap insurance claim?


Making a claim is never nice.


We like to think that you have been for a fabulous day out and come back to find a space where your car used to be, replaced with a bottle of champagne and a bumper box of chocolates. This is a nice story but that is all it is, this is not the real world. 


Instead It will mean that you have either been in an accident in which your car sustained enough damage for your motor insurance company to deem it uneconomical to repair. Or you have been a victim of theft.


Neither scenario is something that anyone ever wants, so we feel that it is really important that you know exactly what happens when you make a claim so there are never any surprises. 


After all no gap insurance policy can stop your car from being written off or you being involved in an accident. Instead your policy can only ever protect you in a financial capacity. So money and who gets it is really important. 


What ever level of gap insurance you have chosen your claim will always be calculated in accordance with your terms and conditions. Any financial agreement tied to the vehicle settled first and then any the balance of funds sent to you.


We feel that it is really important that you receive the funds as this now puts you back in the driving seat deciding where and on what your money is spent on. 

With this in mind you will be pleased to know that we NEVER

  • Pay a pet dealer or garage
  • Replace your car
  • Source a vehicle on your behalf.

After the stress of the scenario that made you make a claim the last thing we would ever want is to attempt to dictate how you should spend you own money.


The devil as always is in the detail so we would request that we you are comparing levels of cover , either from ourselves , competitors or perhaps even your own garage that you not only consider the price that you have been quoted but also other factors such as how and to whom any settlement is made. 

For more information about how to make a claim and how your claim is dealt with please see your policy documents.