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Does my Gap insurance policy cover me outside the UK?


If you can a Gap Insurance 123 policy you will be pleased to know that you are covered even when you are outside the UK. 


In your policy documents you will see under Section 10- Definistions a section called Geographical Limits.


This is a explanation of where you will be covered. Taken from Gap Inusrance 123 policy Terms and Conditions Septemeber 2021


It states that the Geographical Limits are the area in which this insurance is effective, This being Great Briatin, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Cover also applies to member countries of the European Economic Community and any other country for which an International Motor Inusrance Cerfificate is effective on your vehicle, at the point of the claim, up to 30 days in any one trip.


Do what does this mean for you?


Just like in the UK we rely on your own insurance company to deem that what ever happened for your vehicle to be declared a total loss is not fraudulent or negligent. We also rely on your own motor insurance company covering you to drive outside the UK. 


But on the understanding that they do and that you have a legitimate claim your settlement would be calculated just the same as it was if the incident occurred in the UK. So the fact that your where outside the Uk when the incident happened would have no impact on your ability to make a claim. You can also make multiple trips as the cover while limiting the time in any one trip does not limit the number of trips. 


Please remember that just as in the UK all drivers must be named on your own motor insurance and that they must have a full Uk License and be over the age of 21.


So can you drive outside the UK, yes for a limited period of time and terms and conditions apply so please read your policy documents.