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Big Tesla announcement-a new BMW Z4-McLaren Sports Series teased

Could we see the brand new Z4 model from BMW launch anytime soon?.Well the latest on this topic is that we could very well see the launch of the brand new model around the year 2020. The Z4 is a roadster style two seater model that packs in some good power and great looks. It proved to be a success on its first outing but later down the line sales quickly began to decrease for the vehicle. The German firm will be looking at the likes of the United States, their home country of Germany and here in the United Kingdom as their main market places for a new model. There is no clear indication that the new car would be named the Z4 again but it would be expected to be a successor. The new car will also be made jointly with Toyota.


Tesla to make a big announcement this coming Thursday

The latest to come from Tesla Motors is that this coming Thursday the company are going to make a big announcement which is expected to change the future for their popular Model S range. The company are expected to reveal some new technology for the car series which would see the travelling distance for the model increase by quite a considerable amount. The biggest worry with electric cars right now is the overall range that they can travel before needing a recharge. The big announcement is expected to be either the fitting of a new battery or a new drive train for the car. The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk made the announcement on Twitter by stating that it would be a software update made to the car. Expect specifics were not revealed though. Check back on Thursday as we will have the announcement regarding the big news.


McLaren tease their new Sports Series model

McLaren have once again teased car fans all around the world by releasing a new teaser images of what appears to be the doors of the new Sports Series model. The brand new Sports Series will become available to purchase later this year but will be revealed in the flesh for the very first time from next months big New York Motor Show. McLaren have teased the new car in many different ways over the past number of months with the sound of the engine noise being played from the big V8. The car has also been shown in camouflage. Planning to go head to head with some of the biggest and best including the AMG-GT from Mercedes, the new Sports Series is one of the most anticipated vehicles that McLaren have produced.