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Audi electric vehicle plan-Bentley SUV-A revised Mercedes AMG C 63

Audi are looking to follow in suit of one of the biggest rising electric vehicle suppliers around the world Tesla. Audi have outlined their plans to focus more on saloon and SUV electronic vehicles in the future that could put them high up in the ranks with EV's such as the Model S. The Model S has become one of the quickest rising vehicles to success in the electric market over the years and has changed a lot of opinions on the way drivers perceive electric vehicles. Ulrich Hackenburg who is the head of research and development over at Audi commented on the plans and revealed that the technology to be used in these future cars would carry over from the power train used on the forthcoming R8 e-tron model. Looking to contend with Tesla, Hackenburg also stated that they would be looking at an ell electric travelling range of around the 300 miles area making it a key contender for the newly updated Tesla Roadster. With the future vehicles to use technology from the R8 e-tron, Ulrich Hackenburg also confirmed that this particular model will make its first appearance from the Geneva Motor Show this March. This means that we don't expect to know much more about the new vehicles until around about that time.


Bentley announce their all new SUV

Bentley Motors made history last month by confirming that for the first time, they are all set to offer a brand convertible model to customers. The Convertible machine begun early last year as a concept vehicle and it was not until the end of last year that the car was officially given the green light for production. Today though the development have come even further along with the luxury car maker revealing the name of their new SUV which is now called the 'Bentayga'. It was also confirmed that the new SUV will also go on sale at some point next year ahead of a grand production reveal this year. A video has also been posted by Bentley which shows the car undergoing tests and demonstrating just some of the overall power that it is capable of achieving.


Mercedes AMG C 63

Mercedes Benz have announced that their current AMG C C63 model is all set to receive some brand new changes to the vehicle later on this year. The new model will come your way in Coupe form and it will be revealed in its production form for the very first time at the annual motoring event in Frankfurt Germany. Although it is expected that some S Class features are to be equipped to the car for its launch, Mercedes have not commented any further on the vehicle which is to be displayed this year. We will however provide you with the latest updates on the motor as and when we receive information.