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Fiat Release 4x4 Panda!
December 14, 2012

Fiat Panda 4x4?

Yes, Fiat are releasing a new 4x4 Panda model. The new model is set to go on sale next month and is set to cost somewhere in the region of £13,95.


The traditional 4x4 are known for being big road dominating vehicles that use up as much fuel as they can. However, Fiat aims to change the idea of the traditional 4x4 by releasing the new Panda 4x4. Fiat, have stated that there will be a high demand for a small 4x4 which is both, fuel efficient and powerful.


Fiat are offering two different engine sizes in the 900cc TwinAir and the 1.3 litre Multijet unit for the 4x4. With the diesel unit attracting £1000 premium.


The Panda 4x4’s Diesel MultiJet models record headline figures of 60.1mpg and 125g/km and the TwinAir specification returns an average of 57.6mpg with a CO2 rating of 114g/km.


In the different Trekking versions of the 4x4, running costs are reduced respectively to: 61.4mpg/105g/km and 67.3mpg/109g/km for the Multijet and TwinAir engines.


Compared to the base model Panda, the 4x4 version will feature a raised ride height and larger bumpers with additional protective cladding along with roof rails, skid plates and 15in alloy wheels.


Recent independent reviews have highlighted the uniqueness of the Panda, describing a vehicle that has a commanding view of the road as a commander in the small city 4x4 car. The Panda is already known for its character prior to the release of the 4x4 and that can only increase post of the release of the vehicle.


Facts and Figures

  • Top Speed = 105mph

  • 0-60 =11 seconds

  • Gearbox =six-speed manual

  • Power = 84bhp at 5500rpm

  • Torque = 107lb ft at 1900rpm


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