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Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

Day 1 of the New York Motor Show at Gap Insurance 123
March 29, 2013

The New York Motor Show at Gap Insurance 123


The New York Motor Show Began today with the unveiling of a number of new and exciting models. The motor industry enjoy the motor show event as it is a chance to look at competitors and future or possible future cars. This time round the New York Motor Show is set to feature a number of new cars including the new Range Rover Sport of which we have featured heavily over the past seven days.


The entry of the Range Rover Sport did not let us down as the Range Rover did in fact turn up with James Bond himself. Actor Daniel Craig drove the model through Manhattan before arriving at the show as cool as you like in the new Range Rover Sport. The model has been described as a cross between the Range Rover Evoque and a more sleek SUV model. The New Range Rover Sport certainly does look sportier on the eye and has been promised to not let you down on the inside and under the bonnet.


The next model to catch the eye at the event was the all new Jeep Cherokee. Jeep owners Fiat promised to be introducing new Jeep models within the next 12 months following the devastating year they endured last year and the new Jeep doesn't let you down. The model is thought to be released later on in the year to challenge such models as the Honda CR-V as well as the Toyota RAV4.


Mercedes CLA 45 AMG


This model is Mercedes' response to the crossover market that has done so well in such car markets as the UK. The new Mercedes CLA 45 AMG model will rival the crossover models although it is not officially a crossover model itself. It has however, been described as being the beefy four wheel drive model that Mercedes needed to include on the range. Audi have also released the new S3 Saloon whilst in New York but the model was not featured in the show as it may have been a last minute arrival.


Another model that seem to set the viewers alight, was the Kia Soul. The Kia Sportage was photographed as being in the Wonder Woman colours and yet most of the interest was aimed at the new Kia Soul model. This may have been because the Kia Soul had a dancing Hamster which seemed to dance away whilst being on the bonnet of the Kia Soul. The new Soul model has been designed to rival that have the smaller crossover models such as the successful Nissan Juke and new rival in the form of the Vauxhall Mokka.


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