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Willie Frazer in Arson Attack on vehicle

Willie Frazer, the loyalist campaigner and activist for victims of republican violence, was the victim of an arson attack on his vehicle outside of his home in County Armagh in the early hours of yesterday morning. A police patrol spotted the fire and Mr Frazer was brought to safety, he has since exclaimed that he believes it is definitely republicans who carried out the attack. He explained that he believes he has been targeted due to the role he played in the Union Flag protests and the fact he made allegations about Fraud in South Armagh. 

Mr Frazier is an extremely high profile member of the Ulster People's Forum and has explained that hours before they attack he had also received death threats. The protect group was originally set up due to a vote that was taken by Belfast City Council last December which restricted the number of days the flag is allowed to be flown at City Hall. Mr Frazer had explained to the BBC that he had made a recorded copy of the death threat that was received on Saturday Night. He also said that he actually gets around 12 death threats away, though they do not deter him from what he needs to do. He stressed that he is nowhere near afraid of the people who are carrying them out and the sooner they come to realise this fact then the better. He explained that however to actually come to his house and scare and attack his family is a completely different matter altogether. 

Mr Frazer who is 52 was asleep when the police woke him at around 1:15 in the morning. The car was parked in the driveway of the bungalow and part his home had also sustained some significant damage, including some to the kitchen door and to the guttering. The Police officers also informed his neighbours of the attack and moved a van so that too did not catch alight. His car was completely destroyed though luckily no-one was hurt in the incident. Police said that if officers had not noticed the fire, then the consequences of what might of happened do not even bear thinking about. 

We wish Mr Frazer and his family all the best in recovering from this incident.