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DVLA new car registration challenge!

With the current system of administering new car registrations DVLA have come up with a system which will allow superstitious new car buyers to avoid having the supposed unlucky number 13 on the registration plate on their new cars.

As you know the way of assigning new car registrations was changed some time ago. Initially this was done to help spread the influx of registrations during the plate change month of August and instead we now have two plate changes during March and September.

Motor industry and government think tanks came up with what they thought was the perfect new car registration solution.

Any vehicle registered would have the first two letters of the registration used as an indicator as to where the vehicle was first registered. 

The second two numbers would show what part of the year it was registered. 1 then for vehicles registered  after March and before September and then the year. For example the current registration is 12. This means that your vehicle has been registered after March this year and before September. After September this will change to 6. Therefore any car registered after September this year will have a 62.

The last three letters are completely random.

This means that in theory any motorist buying a new car next year would have the number 13 of their registration plate which we know can bring good luck in some cultures but also be a superstitious no-no in others.

So what do you think about the 13 plate new car registration?

Do you think that you would be put off buying a vehicle because of its registration number or would it be a factor in your decision making.

Are DLVA pandering to the superstitious amongst us in the adapted format of the new car registrations or simply attempting to help the motor industry by removing the problem, as always why not let us know what you think?