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Toyota announce they are updating their RAV4 range

The Rav4 is one of the best selling Sports Utility Vehicles of all time. It has been on sale since 1994 and over the course of the last twenty one years we have seen four generations of the car become available on the road. The Rav4 is proving to be just as popular today as it has been in the past and Toyota have decided to capitalise on this by adding some new pieces of equipment for the car and bring them all to us here in the UK too. We see additions in new technology for the car, new exterior design features and the fitting of a new engine has been included with the Rav4 too. The brand new model is being called the 'Business Edition'.


A look into the difference a change makes

So you are more than likely wondering just what these brand new changes are, well that is where we come in. There is so much to talk about so we will begin by opening up the bonnet of the Business Edition and checking out what new engine powers the car. A new two litre, D4-D diesel unit is fitted and emits 127g/km C02 emissions. The model is running on a front wheel drive platform and we also see a standard six speed gearbox find a place in the Business Edition. An all new voice recognition system can be found inside of the car along with heated leather seating. Toyota have also stated that the sat nav system built into the vehicle will receive completely free map updates for the next three years. Both cruise and dual zone climate control are included and automatic headlights are just another item bringing attention to the Rav 4.

With a look into the bodywork changes, the firm are now offering the SUV with new paint options in Pearl White and a range of new metallic colour options. A brand new set of seventeen inch alloys have also been added to the vehicle .Electric door mirrors and LED headlights are just some more extras thrown into the mix.


Does the Business Edition provide competition for rivals?

Toyota have added all of these features into their Business Edition in order to help keep the car fresh and help it to appeal to customers. These new technology features a good way to keep up with rivals such as the Qashqai and the Q3 from Audi. With more SUV vehicles set to go on sale this year like the hotly anticipated Volvo XC90 Toyota will certainly need to bring their A game to market in 2015.