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The crossover range for Seat and Aston Martin and Bugatti show the final Veyron

We first seen a teaser of the front end of a new crossover/SUV concept vehicle from Seat three weeks ago which was followed by a new image of the back end of the car just one week later. Since this time there has been a lot of speculation as to what the new vehicle would be and now we are a lot clearer on knowledge of the new concept after its reveal the Geneva Motor Show. The new concept design is called the 20V20 but it is to be expected that a lot of the features of this car are items that will be brought forward to models in the future and also points towards new diesel engine setups in their future range. Both further Leon and Ibiza ranges are looking to carry over some of these new styling updates with the first looking at around a two year period before launch. The new concept was revealed carrying a metallic orange finish with new alloy wheel designs. LED lighting, chrome inserts for the door handles,side skirting and window sills were also introduced. Seat are pointing towards the future of their brand and more crossover SUV models in the future with the 20V20 model and it will be interesting to see how this story moves along in the future.


Aston Martin pointing towards a crossover future?

Seat are not the only company pointing towards a crossover future as Aston Martin have done much of the same at this weeks big event also. A newly altered DBX concept machine has emerged in Switzerland which could very well point towards a new crossover. No information was given regarding the future engine ranges or performance figures that would be expected to come along with such a model but a Grey paint job with very slim horizontal headlights were included. Other features were the body creases which run up the bonnet and along the doors which would help to give such a model a better experience when it comes to agility and performance boosts. New alloy wheel designs in Black and Silver were introduced as were Chrome strips over both left and right doors. Don't expect to see this particular model reach the production line anytime soon but we will be keeping an eye out for some of these unique style designs making their way onto Aston vehicles in the future.


Bugatti display the Veyron evolution in Geneva

A very special display has been held in Geneva by Bugatti who have displayed both their very first and their very last Veyron models side by side. The Veyron is one of the most celebrated super cars to ever be launched and after a run of 450 models production of the car has now ended. The display just shows the evolution of the car from the very beginning to the 'La Finale' model which is the last ever produced Veyron. It is clear from the images released of the display that the Veyron has certainly changed with the likes of shaping altered and new carbon fibre materials on display to make the car much more lightweight. The final model ever produced carries a whopping eight litre engine and puts out 1,184bhp.254 miles per hour can also be hit by the last produced Veyron. The last model has been sold to a customer in the Middle East and will be delivered to the owner after the Geneva Motor Show closes its doors. The Bugatti Veyron has taken its final bow and is a supercar that will truly be missed.