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Records tumble at Aequitas Automotive

February 29th is a special day that comes round just once every 4 years. However at Aequitas Automotive Ltd this also signalled the day where company records fell.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd are the company behind leading niche brands GapInsurance123, Easy Gap,, and TyreInsurance123. With all four Gap Insurance brands now featured on the Which? Gap Insurance report, this means that Aequitas are the only UK Gap Insurance brand with more than one website featured.

The increased exposure, coupled with the change in rules for motor dealers selling Gap Insurance, has seen more and more consumers looking at Gap Insurance brands in the independent marketplace. Even with reports recently that only a small number of motor dealers are adhering to the new rules, we have seen a huge increase in online sales for Gap cover.

However even we were taken by surprise by the events of 29th February.

Yesterday say the Aequitas Automotive single day policy sale figure record beaten by over 50% from the previous number set last September. We saw policies purchased at a steady rate throughout the day, with a third of the policies purchased online after the offices closed at 6pm.

This augers well for a busy March we are sure.

Remember at Aequitas Automotive we have access to probably the largest range of insurers and products in our field. We have recently added options such as covering deposits on Contract Hire lease vehicles, cover for diamond and laser cut alloys, as well as combined Tyre and Alloy products allowing for more claims than any other equivalent product in the independent market. 

Our relationships with our insurers means, we believe, we have access to a range of premiums also, and ensures we can offer the very best value, and the very best cover in the UK today.

For example we can provide a package of 3 year Gap Insurance, Tyre and Alloy cover (including 4 claims per 12 months for both tyre and alloys, and including diamond and laser cut alloys) and Scratch and Dent cover (this time 6 claims per 12 month period) for less than £400.

We believe that our ability to access a suite of products means we can provide you with the very best possible cover and value.

A record day on 29th February may indicate that our customers may also agree with us.