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Nissan GT-R 2018-Skoda Superb reveal in Prague-Bugatti Veyron in Geneva

The first debut for the new Skoda Superb model has been confirmed today to be happening next week and it will occur on the 17th of February. It was originally though that the first view of the model would come from the Geneva Motor Show. Its first public debut will be held in Prague where it will then continue on for a reveal in Geneva also. Details on the new car are running a little quiet for the time being but Skoda are boasting this to be one of their best vehicles ever. With such a bold statement being made, we are certainly expecting something special from the new Superb. We have previously seen concept photos of the car and its new design structure which does mirror a lot of the current Superb. We do know that the new car will feature even more safety equipment than past models. We will keep you informed with everything you need to know next week when the car is revealed.


The new Nissan GT-R set to debut in 2018

We have recently learnt more about the new GT-R model from Nissan and it is expected to arrive on the road in around three years time. The big news though is that it is set to come your way in hybrid form. Nobody has seen the car in the flesh as of yet and only concept sketched images have been up until this point. Shiro Nakamura the CCO of Nissan has confirmed that the car is going to arrive in hybrid form but did not confirm anything more. It is expected that some changes in the body design may be kept to a minimum but there is no confirmation on this as of yet. The front of the vehicle from images does look very similar to the current model on the road which is still proving to be a big seller. This sports car going down the hybrid route follows in the footsteps of Porsche with the Cayman aswell as McLaren and Ferrari.


The Bugatti Veyron to bow out in Geneva

You may have heard that the Bugatti Veyron is all set to end production as they have reached their target of production. In total there have been 450 units of the car and with the 450th being the very last, it has been confirmed that this model will be on the show floor in Geneva next month. The chief of the company Wolfgang Durheimer confirmed the cars presence at the event which means this will be the last bow for the supercar which has been in production for ten years now. There rumours that the new model set to replace the Veyron will be revealed in 2016 but there is a good chance that we may see it towards the end of this year. We have seen the Veyron in four different variations over the years including Super Sport and the latest addition onto the road in 2011, the Grand Sport Vitesse. It is one of the most recognised super cars to ever be produced and we think it is safe to say, the Veyron will be sadly missed.