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New products available at Aequitas Automotive

One big advantage that customers of GapInsurance123 enjoy is the access to a large number of alternative and complimentary products. This is because the company who own GapInsurance123, namely Aequitas Automotive Ltd, employ a different business model to many other providers online. We have underwriting agreements with a number of insurers, whereas some of our rivals will only have exclusive supplied agreement with just one insurer.

Across our GapInsurance123, Easy Gap, Shortfall, Total Loss Gap and TyreInsurance123 we have underwriting from a number of insurers, and we have now added a new one to our range.

Tobell Insurance Services are a Lloyd's of London broker, who provide insurance products in a number of fields. They already provide a range of products in motor dealer groups in the UK. For these specialist products they use Qudos Insurance A/S as the underwriter, an arrangement seen in use in motor dealers already.

These products are now also available to all qualifying Aequitas customers, either over the phone or via our website. 

Total Loss Gap Insurance - a comprehensive policy that covers the difference between the motor insurers settlement and the higher of the outstanding finance settlement, the original invoice price paid or the cost of a replacement vehicle. There is no upper claim limit to the policy.

Tyre Insurance - to cover for a maximum of 4 claims per annum, for a maximum of 3 years. This allows for up to 12 claims over a 3 year period, which is significantly more than many of the other online products provide.

Alloy Wheel Insurance - to cover minor scuffs and scrapes on your alloys. Again a maximum of 4 claims per 12 month period, so up to 12 claims in 3 years. Here is the major difference though, unlike many online products the policy CAN COVER DIAMOND AND LASER CUT FINISHES.

Combined Wheel and Tyre Insurance - a combined product that will cover up to 4 claims for tyres AND 4 claims for alloys for each 12 month period of the policy. That would be 12 claims for tyres and 12 claims for alloys over a 3 year term. If you are considering both tyre and alloy cover then it is normally much more cost effective to buy a combined product than buy the products individually.

Scratch and Dent Insurance
- a product that allows cover for minor cosmetic repair to the bodywork of the vehicle. Key differences with this policy is that it will cover claims where the damage is over two panels instead of the standard one, and there are up to six claims available per 12 month period, instead of the common maximum of 3.

These specialist products are currently available in motor dealers, via Tobell, under one of the most recognisable brands in the motor dealer market. Unfortunately we are not able to mention that company here, but if you are comparing with a motor dealer product just check and you may find it is exactly the same policy.

By extending our product range we are able to compare and contrast a number of products from different insurers. This means, we hope, we can offer the most appropriate cover at the best possible value. It also enables us to combine our quotations so you could opt for a GapInsurance123 Gap policy, a combined Alloy/Tyre policy from Tobell and a Shortfall Excess policy.

Better product and better value? It is what we do.