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Mini JCW Convertible-Mercedes A45 AMG updates-Jeep sales to climb

Mini revealed their brand new John Cooper Works model from the Detroit Motor Show early on this week and now the brand are also planning on the launch of a new convertible version of the same car. The new JCW model is confirmed to be the most powerful Mini that will be offered on the road and the convertible will demonstrate much of the same ability. Looking inside of the vehicle and the kind of power that the new John Cooper Works will develop, we see that Mini are fitting a two litre,turbocharged engine with 228 brake horse power being developed. Both manual and automatic transmission systems are expected to be fitted to the vehicle with the automatic expected to be an optional extra for the buyer.

The car was snapped at a petrol station being filled up under some disguise. It showed the traditional chrome surrounded front grille and bumped up headlights aswell as chrome door handles found on the standard Mini JCW. The folding Black fabric roof was the big giveaway though. Both the front and back bumpers have had some redesigning done to them and through the windscreen we can see that Mini have included sports seats. The new convertible model is expected to launch on the road at the same time as the standard Mini JCW later on into the course of this year.


Power upgrading for the Mercedes A45 AMG

The Mercedes A45 AMG model is all set to receive a brand new set of upgrades later on this year. The vehicle is one of the most popular hatchback models in its division and the German auto maker are now looking to improve upon this by giving the car some more power to work with. Mercedes have not directly confirmed the power changes to be made to the vehicle but we do know that it is a high priority for the firm. Along with the power update, it is to be expected that Mercedes could also add new bodywork features to the car and we would also think that they are to make minor changes inside too. This has not been confirmed yet but they are always a possibility. Tobias Moers the head for AMG said that revisions are to be made to the car this year and claim that it will be the most powerful hatchback on the road. We are looking forward to seeing just what changes are brought forward to the A45 in 2015.


New Jeep sales set for a large climb?

We all know that Jeep are well known for vehicles like the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee. They are an alternative to companies such as Land Rover as far as SUV and off roading vehicles are concerned. Which company would you rather go for though?. Well Land Rover have been doing very well with the sales of Range Rover models and Defender's as of late and although Jeep are selling great units, the head of Fiat Chrysler would like to see Jeep double the rate of their current sales by the year 2018. Last year it was stated that Jeep had reached the one million production point and by the year 2018, the head of the Fiat Chrysler company Sergio Marchionne has stated he would like to see 1.9 million units of Jeep vehicles sold. This is a big climb for Jeep but with the rate that they have been selling vehicles, it is certainly not impossible. The American brand are already developing new Wrangler and Renegade models in the United States and with these two vehicles set to launch, there is a strong possibility that Jeep could very well reach this sales target over the next three years.