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Another record month for GapInsurance123!

Here are GapInsurance123, were were both pleasantly suprised and proud that the overall sales figures for the brand in August 2012 were a new record for a single month in the history of the brand. Indeed when we announced the result a month ago, we did speculate that many more consumers were buying new cars in August than we had expected. Did this mean that we could expect a quieter time in the new registration month of September, were the new 62 plate cars just not appealing to the UK public?

Not a bit of it!

The phonelines at GapInsurance123 have been red hot in September, and even though the month still has a few hours to run, we are pleased to announce for the third month running, the GapInsurance123 brand has achieved new record sales figures. Indeed the August figures have not simply been exceeded, they have seen the month of September nearly double that of the previous month. Indeed for the first time the brand reached the figure of 2000 policies sold in September 2012.

The 62 plate cars have seen consumer interest for our policies across the board. Vehicle Replacement Insurance and Return to Invoice policies still are the most popular option, and of course with many consumers gaining 'replacement cover' with their own motor insurer in the first year, the option to defer the start date can save the vehicle buyer their hard earned money. This facility is rarely offered with motor dealer policies, and not even by all 'specialist' online suppliers.

The fact that our policies feature the ability to transfer the policy, and cancel with a refund also rank highly in factors to buy a GapInsurance123 policy. We know that other policies either do not have these at all, or the features are simply not in black and white within the policy terms and conditions. We believe all offered features should be part of the policy terms, and ensure the GapInsurance123 policies are promoted in this fashion only.

Of course we are proud that more and more UK consumers are turning to GapInsurance123 for their Gap protection. We do not take anything for granted however, and will continue to evolve and improve our policies where ever we can.