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1 million Gap Insurance policies

One million gap insurance policies is a lot however it stands to reason that in todays challenging times more and more of us are choosing to protect our financial investments. What may surprise you however is that there is still a vast number of the general public who think that it can only be sourced from there local dealership. 

The world of gap insurance in may respects is just like any other business volume matters. 

After all if you where buying 400 vehicles all at the same time you would expect your local dealership to be able to offer you some significant levels of discount in comparison to the level they could offer for one. 

Gap insurance is similar, because of the sheer volume of polices that we can provide have been able to negotiate preferential rates which we intern pass on to you in the form of lower policy prices.

In many respects we are just like your local dealership in that we ( Aequitas Automotive Limited ) do not physically pay any settlements of claims. Instead just like your local dealership we are providing policies underwritten by an insurance company. 

While we can not comment on behalf of your dealership we can however comment of on the policies, levels of customer service back up support and expertise that our administrators, underwriters and claims teams provide. As far as we have experienced the levels of service that they can and do offer on a daily basis is second to none.

When you combine these preferential supplier rates with variances in rates of insurance premium tax it is not usual to be quoted up to 85 % less than main dealership prices. Remember that non of our team are paid commission instead our salaries are based on customer service standards.

This means that by buying gap insurance on line you really can get real value for money, no dilution of levels of cover and absolutely no compromise on levels of customer service and support.