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Based on 10,911 Genuine Testimonials

January 11, 2018
Diesel Car Sales Continue to Drop! The year of 2017 was not the year of the diesel car as sales dropped a dramatic 17.1% in the UK alone. The decrease in sales hit a peak towards the end of the year, as uncertainty around the government policy towards diesel grew. The uncertainty has definitely impacted the sales figures of diesel cars with Read more
December 18, 2013
In a news story regarding the Moto GP motorbike world championship now, many fans here in the UK have been left angry and without their fix of the GP next season that is unless you have a BT sports package. The reason behind the anger is that the big sport league that is famous for their high speed racing on machines from brand's such as Honda,Read more
November 6, 2012
A new Era of Astra cars will be built at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port in an “historic” agreement seeing the factory produce a minimum of 160,000 cars a year. Approximately 700 job opportunities will be created on location at Ellesmere Port with an estimated 2000 more within the supply chain. General Motors have announced an investment of £125 million in the Ellesmere Port factory itself and a further £1bn in other areas across the U.K. Chairman of Vauxhall Duncan AldredRead more
November 5, 2012
British sports car company Caterham have linked up with French car manufacturer Renault in a new joint venture company, Societe des Automobiles Alpine Caterham, founded to build cars in the Renault Alpine factory in Northern France. The main aim within the next few years, is to design and build a new and exciting sports car brand . New Caterham Renault alliance to yield new sports car model Caterham Group chairman and all round social entrepreneur Tony Fernandes said the allia...Read more
October 26, 2012
After a sizeable investment in research and development, car manufacturer Seat have announced that production of the new Leon model will begin in 2013. The manufacture of the Leon will continue in Spain, securing the jobs of the current 1600 factory workforce, and thousands of jobs in the supply chain. The new Leon is both lighter and shorter than its predecessor, although the manufacturer has managed to produce more passenger and luggage space. Read more
October 26, 2012
Ford Motor Company have announced that its two remaining UK production plants at Southampton and Dagenham are set to close, with the loss of 1400 UK jobs. The losses come as part of a larger restructering plan, which involves the closure of the huge Ford plant in Genk in Belgium, and cross European job losses of over 5,000. The Southampton plant has produced Ford Transit models for decades, and Unions are angry at the move as they claim the workers...Read more
August 16, 2012
When the new registration date in the UK changed from August 1st to two dates (March 1st and September 1st), it turned the eight month of the year from the motor dealers 'Christmas' to a period of low registrations and consolidation for September. There were always a few customers who could be persuaded to take a new vehicle in August, but the lure of a new registration plate is too much for most to have their arms twisted. However, there is some evidence that this trend has been reversed somewhat this year. In the first two weeks of August 2012, the Gap Insurance polici...Read more
August 10, 2012
It has been announced that the eagerly awaited Jaguar XF model will launch at the Paris Motor Show this autumn. The new rear wheel drive model will be launched as a convertible, with the option of three petrol engines, two versions of the new 3.0 supercharged V6, and a new version of the 5.0 V8. It will run through eight speed tarnsmission, and also feature 'start-stop' technology at launch. Read more
August 8, 2012
Contract Hire has long been a popular source to fund a new motor vehicle in the UK. There are in excess of 66,000 contract hire users in the UK, operating over 1.5 million vehicles, most in fleets of less than 40 vehicles. Suzuki have announced the launch of a new Contract Hire product, in conjunction with finance partner Black Horse Motor Finance for private users, and with leasing giant Lex Autoleasing, for business users. The products are aimed at providing a simple solution for those looking to secure a vehicle for one simple, monthly payment. This will be available for anyo...Read more
July 27, 2012
Well done Volvo as they have just been ranked 5th and therefore the highest car brand in a recent ICS report. The Institute of Customer service ( ICS ) has just completed its bi-annual customer service reports and ranked Volvo as the fifth ...Read more
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