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Victims of Superstorm Sandy come together to regain their cars
November 23, 2012
Victims of Superstorm sandy come together Victims of the Superstorm Sandy, residents of Long Beach New York have lost homes, cars and many other personal possessions due to the horrific weather conditions. Now, the community is coming together to get volume discounts on replacements for the cars that they have lost in the storm.

Patrick Quinn, who is a 36 year old original native of Long Island came up with the idea, whilst during the storm he set up a Facebook page from his home in California On the page he shared other pages from google to help around 12,000 Long Beach Residents, who could check and see if they could charge their phones.

There was plenty of advice on the page about finding such things as clean up crews and roofers to help with damage. Quinn's parents and siblings remain living in Long Beach, he learnt that members of the family had lost 5 cars between them. He believed that if the community bought in volume, then better deals would be had by all, so he set up sheet for people to sign who had received insurance for their vehicle, around 150 people signed up. It looks like with regards to certain dealers, that the plan actually can work. A salesman said that if people are coming in with 5 cars or above, that they can all have $100 dollars over the invoice (stated dealer cost).

This looks to be a successful strategy, depending on the make of car and the availability of it. Also due to the storm, prices would usually rise, because of inventories being tight. One dealership is actually offering an immediate discount to storm victims with the cars, Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep. The General Sales Manager of the Garden City declared that anyone who has suffered a vehicle loss due to the storm will get 2.5 percent discount lower than the invoice price.

It's nice to see that the community is standing together after such horrendous losses caused by the storm. Anything anyone can do for each other is going to be ideal in a situation such as this, whether it's having someone to learn on, or a dealership offering discount. If more businesses followed this example and more people came together to buy in bulk, then it may not be long before the unfortunate New York Superstorm victims will build their lives and possessions back up.

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