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New product launch to change Gap Insurance choice?
November 9, 2012
Aequitas Automotive are the owners and operators of the leading Gap Insurance brands GapInsurance123 and Easy Gap. The company was established to provide UK consumers with market leading products and offer the very best value for money in the UK. Recognition of this fact was seen in February 2012 when the hugely respected Which organisation ran a report in their magazine and website that featured both Aequitas brands.

The report also undertook several quote examples, and compared Aequitas brands to six other independent brokers, as well as motor dealers in the UK. Incredibily Aequitas brands provided the lowest UK premium prices on over 80% of occassions which appears to be a fact not lost on UK consumers either. Aequitas have had the busiest year in our history, and in the midst of difficult economic times this is a fact we are immensly proud of.

Never ones to rest on our collective laurels, Aequitas have undertaken expansion plans in 2012 also. More office space has been required to accomodate new members of our team. The biggest investment has been seen in our marketing department. Like all larger internet insurance providers, we have a dedicated 'in hiouse' team who provide the message to the UK public we require.

However the biggest announcement for 2012 is still yet to come!

Aequitas Automotive have a new agreement, signed and sealed, to provide a brand new product range. The range will feature many of the well know Gap Insurance features already seen in Aequitas products, but will be underwritten by one of the biggest names in the UK today.

The stated aim of Aequitas is to provide the very best product features,and we believe the new range will deliver that. However, add the confidence that being underwritten by a huge insurer adds to the mix, and we really do think the world of Gap Insurance is about to change.


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