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Tesla bring the new Model S to the UK


In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make its way out of the car brand known as Tesla, we are pleased to report on the grand launch of one of the companies latest vehicles to make its debut on the streets of the United Kingdom and it makes it's way to you in the shape and form of the all-new model S.


The Tesla brand is famous for models such as the Model X and the Roadster but has not made a name for itself here in the United Kingdom, as yet. The majority of Tesla models are focused on futuristic styling and performance and we believe that this is exactly what you can expect with the brand new Model S.


What makes the Tesla Model S special?   Tesla Model S



Putting aside how much the Model S costs in the United Kingdom, what we can say is that you would do well to find a better brand new electric car for sale today. We have included a photo of the model below this article, so please take a look and see just how impressive it does look.


As far as we can tell, the Model S does come available with many impressive features and specifications but what we will try to do in this article is summarise for you just why we feel that you should consider the Tesla brand when it comes time to buy yourself a new car.


First up, we can't fail but to notice the impressive 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds, which is extremely quick for an electric car and may even come as something close to a surprise if you are used to traditional petrol models. The Model S comes with no less than three available motors at each wheel, making this one heck of a powerful vehicle on top, it's also ultra-fast on top of it all.


So what has gone into this particular Tesla model during its production time to help it stand out as a front runner in the electric vehicle market here in the UK?


Well with power and performance in mind, we see the Model S come complete with a three-phase electric motor that produces a whopping power output of 410 brake horsepower with top speeds being reached all around 130 miles per hour. It has also been confirmed that from a full charge on the electric motor, this Model S can travel for a grand range of 312 miles. A single-speed, automatic transmission system also comes thrown in with this rear-wheel variant.


How much does the Tesla Model S cost?


If you want to purchase one of these cars brand new, you can expect to purchase it for a total sum of £68,700. We are also pleased to inform you that you can buy this brand new car right now direct from Tesla.


It's quick, it's impressive and it does stand out from any other model available on the market today. If you are looking for a new car and you want to buy something with an environmentally friendly edge, then we would most definitely recommend checking out the Tesla Model S.


* Please note GapInsurance123 cannot currently offer Gap Insurance for a Tesla Model S. However, we have access to a number of Gap Insurance products and we may have alternative options. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.