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Toyota fancy a bit of a change with their GT86 model

Toyota have revealed a host of brand new changes that they are going to bring along with their latest addition into the GT86 range. Toyota have confirmed that they will be bringing in some brand new changes to the interior and exterior design and they have also announced that a price drop will also come along with the new model as a part of the package. The GT86 is one of the more sporty variants of Toyota on the market but just how can they bring more excitement to the car to make it appeal to even more of a larger audience?.


Brand new changes and excitement brought to the GT86

So one of the first things on the agenda when it comes to the updated model, we see that a new colour design has been used this time around which has been given the name of 'Hot Orange' and as you may have guessed already, is more of a dark Orange kind of design, but is one that could attract even more eyes to the car. Toyota have also thrown in a brand new set of alloy wheels which for this particular model have been reduced in size and now measure sixteen inches. These are the main big changes that will come into play when it comes to the GT86 challenging the likes of the BRZ from the Subaru brand once again.

The only other notable change that will be brought into play is the addition of a Euro 6 compliant engine which now returns 36.2 mpg and emits 181g/km C02 emissions. Thanks to the new Euro 6 compliant engine, this means that the doors to some rival brands could very well be opened as far as competition is concerned with some of the biggest and brightest cars on the market today also using these compliant engines such as the Kia Picanto


When will we see the new GT86 on the road?

Well there is even more good news here that tells us that this newly updated model will officially go on sale from this coming July with the order books already open on the brand new car. So could this be a move that brings more custom to the brand in the long run or do you think that the changes are too minimal?. The price tag may appeal to some though as this model can now be picked up for a figure of £22,195.