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Peugeot to use self driving tech-Suzuki Celerio update-Toyota's new sports car

News has been revealed over the course of the weekend that the Toyota brand have officially begun the development of a brand new small style sports car which is expected to be the next model down to that of their popular GT 86 vehicle. It is expected that a total of three new sports models will launch from the Japanese manufacturer over the course of the next few coming years but nothing has been announced in regards to exact dates and specifics. The only thing that is set in stone right now for the new model is that it will be operated by a rear wheel drive platform and it is expected to be shown in a concept form first and foremost. With development just getting underway though, we could be quite some time away from seeing the vehicle in the flesh.


Peugeot set to use self driving technology

Word coming out is that the Peugeot brand could very well be set to use self driving technology in a future range of their vehicle line up. The new technology is expected to come into play with their new model which will go on to succeed that of their 508 range. A brand new self driving system which includes automatic braking is set to be introduced into the new models and help when it comes to parking will also come into play with the new range it has been confirmed by Carlos Tavares the head of Peugeot. It is expected that these new models will make their debut and go on sale in two years time and as soon as we have any more information on the new range, we will keep you updated.


Updates come into play for the Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki have announced that they are to bring new updates to their Celerio range by including their new dualjet engine amongst the line-up. This new dualjet setup means that the car is much more efficient and eco friendly and the great news is that the price of the car also remains one of the lowest in their range with this new particular model being priced with a figure of £8,499. This is not the only update to find a place inside of the Celerio though. Brand new technology has been confirmed for the car which will come in the form of an automatic gearbox. This is a great gadget to have as it operates the clutch of the car automatically. The Celerio is also kitted out with some of the finest gadgets money can be as demonstrated by a DAB digital radio,Bluetooth connectivity and a total of six airbags which makes this one of the safest vehicles in the Suzuki range.