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Vauxhall to start deliveries of the new Viva next month

Next month will mark the arrival of the new Viva model produced by Vauxhall which in the country of Germany is referred to as the 'Karl'. Fans have been waiting for many months for the arrival of the new car which will join a thriving city car segment that is currently dominated by vehicles such as the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Fiesta. The city car segment is for sure one of the toughest markets to battle for sales with so many great offerings available so Vauxhall have looked to pull out the big guns with the new Viva in order to bring in some good sales. Some big improvements have been made to the car which result in some good interior space and some efficient engines. The brand will be looking to make a bang with the car as this is the first time it has gone on sale since 1979. Production of the very first generation happened in the late sixties and was one of the most popular cars of its time. So does a revival for the vehicle help to bring in more interest and what can you expect to get from the new Viva if you decide to spend you hard earned money on it?.


What does the Vauxhall Viva have to contend with competitors?

Well the space inside of the car for a hatchback is quite impressive and this is demonstrated by the 2,385mm width and 3,680mm length of the car in total which seats five people and comes with four doors. Vauxhall confirmed just the one engine to come along with the new Viva but an efficient one at that. The power source in question is a three cylinder, one litre petrol. Seventy four brake horse power is given out by the engine with just 65.7mpg returned and 99g/km C02 emissions emitted.

Safety and technology will also be a prime focus for the firm as they have brought in some great features like a lane departure warning,stability control and hill start assistance. Two trim levels are also on the card which are SE and SL which are the two trims available to the United Kingdom.


Does the Viva come at a reasonable price?

So when we look at the items and equipment that Vauxhall are giving away with the returning Viva, they certainly catch the attention but does the price tag justify the features that come along with it?. With a figure of £7,995 confirmed for the vehicle for the UK market, we think it is very justified. First deliveries on the new Viva model will occur from next month. Visit your local Vauxhall dealer for more information on orders.