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Tuning companies aplenty for Geneva Switzerland

Aswell as the big majority of car manufacturer being on hand for one of the biggest Geneva Motor Show events in history next week, there will be a range of respective tuning companies also taking to the stage alongside them as new special edition vehicles are revealed to the world. Two of the big companies who will be represented a lot at this years event include Brabus and MTM. First up will be MTM who are introducing a brand new Avant club sport version of the RS6. Information regarding specifications on this new model arose earlier today revealing specifications and what work has been done to the new MTM tuned Clubsport model.

A big part of the focus has gone on the vehicles V8 TFSi Bi-turbo engine. Whereas the standard model will give out 552bhp, thanks to some fine tuning, the Clubsport version sees a big rise in power to 750 units of brake horse power. Top speed limitations also increase by 19mph meaning now the car will hit 174 miles per hour rather than 155 miles per hour. New extras will also include carbon ceramic brakes,LED door lights and new lighter alloy wheels will also be supported by newly fitted Michelin Pilot tyres. New leather fittings have been made for the cabin and the backs of the seats will now be entirely made from carbon fibre. These new changes help to make the RS6 more sportier than ever before and it could be the move that brings even more interest to the RS6 range.


Brabus next for the stage in Geneva

Whilst we are still on the subject of tuning companies in Geneva, we look towards the direction of Brabus who will introduce a brand new S Class altered model. The model has been given the name of the Rocket 900 which is a big hint at the power deliverance thanks to some updates. If you didn't guess already, power will be produced at 900 brake horse power and will hit 62 miles per hour from a standing start in 3.5 seconds only. There is not a whole lot of information available for the Brabus S Class at the moment but we do know like many Mercedes Brabus altered models in the past, new bodywork components will be included with the intention of making the car more lightweight and agile than ever before. Carbon fibre materials are going to be used in order to achieve this feat and if that wasn't enough, the 900bhp is to be produced by the V12, Bi-turbocharged engine.


Brabus wrap up with the Smart Fortwo

Last but not least with a look into tuning companies at the big event next week, Brabus look to make a final statement when they display a new Fortwo by Smart packing some new interior and exterior detailing. We know Brabus are well known for power updates as displayed in the Mercedes topic above but information regarding power updates for the Fortwo has not been revealed as of yet. Big changes picked upon from an image that was revealed shows that the dual exhaust system on the car is now centrally mounted and new side skirting aswell as a redesigned rear bumper are all new additions from Brabus. New leather seats will be included inside of the car coming in a new two tone colour scheme equipped with Green stitching. All new door sills carrying the Brabus logo will be included aswell as a new set of floor mats too. Look out for this cars grand reveal at the big show next week.