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Toyota Rav4 Hybrid confirmed-Fiat pickup truck-Nissan Leaf success

The Rav4 is one of Toyota's best selling vehicles on the market and over the years it has been wondered as to when the Japanese firm would take their model to the next level by offering more in new technology. Well it appears that day has finally arrived as the company have revealed a new teaser image which confirms the arrival of the model in hybrid form. The company posted an image online which shows the back end of the car carrying a new Rav4 hybrid logo. The brand also confirmed with the image that the new car would go on display from the New York Motor Show next week. No more information was revealed by Toyota with just the image and debut date for April 2nd announced. We will know a lot more about the new vehicle and its components though in exactly one weeks time so as soon as we get more information on the new model, we will keep you updated.


A new pick up truck from Fiat spied testing

Fiat Chrysler have been spotted out and about in cold Winter conditions testing what appears to be a brand new pickup truck style model under some heavy disguise. It is expected that this new model will be going on sale around the world with the European market expected to receive it first at some point next year. The new model is still very much a mystery for this moment in time. The only feature that could be spotted underneath the disguise was that this new car is coming in the form of a four door setup. No confirmation of any kind has been revealed by the Italian firm as of yet but with a 2016 launch to be expected for a new pickup truck model we could see this new car revealed late this year or perhaps early next year.


Nissan boast how good their Leaf batteries are

We all know the Nissan Leaf for being an excellent selling electric vehicle and proving to be one of the very best EV models on the market. Nissan have of course also picked up on this fact and this week they have been boasting how good the battery pack inside of the car actually is. The brand revealed this week that with around 35,000 of these models being sold in Europe over the past four years, only three battery packs out of all have failed in a Leaf. This is indeed a very impressive statement that only adds to our positive opinion of the Leaf. This means that in total, the Leaf battery has a success rate of 99.99 percent which is a very telling figure. The Leaf remains one of the best selling EV models and just last year alone saw a 15,000 unit increase on sales compared to that of the previous year. This is around a thirty four percent increase in sales on the car. Nissan are looking to maintain these success rates with the car especially with rumours making the rounds that the firm are planning a second generation model also.