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Toyota headlines-Aston Martin Vantage name change

After much back and forth argument with the Porsche brand and their owners the Volkswagen Group, Aston Martin have decided to rename their Vantage GT3 models and they will now be known as the Vantage GT12 and the Vantage Racer GT12. Porsche were not very happy with the British super car maker as they claimed that the GT3 name belonged to them as they have been using it with their popular 911 range ever since 1999. Aston Martin argued with this point due to the naming of FIA GT3 racing series models but in order to drop a long ongoing dispute with Porsche and Volkswagen the company decided to pull away and rename their range. The name of a vehicle can mean everything to a brand. Ford can be linked to the Fiesta and Focus, Bentley with the Continental and Audi with the TT just to name a few. On this occasion though, the Vantage range is so well perfected that the change will more than likely not drop any sales for the car or the excellent reputation behind it.


Toyota goes on step further with brand new technology

Toyota are the next company in line to be making the step towards autonomous driving technology. The company have officially filled for the rights to a new system that involves the car measuring the eye movement of its driver to see what areas the driver is focusing on when driving. The new system is just in testing phase right now with the new technology not expected to be used in these vehicles for a number of years. Toyota's new system however will focus their technology on the actual eye ball of the driver in order to detect where the driver is looking. Other companies have taken an approach in a similar fashion with Jaguar Land Rover also developing something similar. It is expected when this technology finally starts reaching cars, the drivers eye focus on HUD meters and other areas of the car could lead to displays on the windscreen which would give the driver full attention to the road ahead at all times.


A new version of the Toyota Corolla on display this week

A number of weeks ago, the Toyota brand held a press conference which would point towards their future technology advancements. During this press conference a video was aired which appeared to show a new Corolla model in a revised fashion. Although it may not be the very same car, the Japanese brand are set to reveal a new Nurburgring addition of the car this week from the Bangkok Motor Show. Toyota have announced that the model to go on display will be equipped with new features outside of the car which help to add more of an aero dynamic aspect. New LED daytime running lights will also make their way into the Nurburgring special edition model. These will be joined alongside by the cars new aero kit,seventeen inch alloy wheels and the suspension system also receives some upgrades in order to deliver upon a much smoother driving experience than ever before. The inside of the car has not been left out though as we see new Red leather seating will also hold a special place inside of the cabin. Toyota have revealed that the same Corolla engine will be carried over to this special edition model meaning you will find a 1.8 litre setup underneath the bonnet once again. The brand have not confirmed a launch for this special model or a price tag that would come along with it but we hope to have more information on the car when it is revealed in full this week in Thailand.