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The Honda CR-Z all set to make its return to Europe

It is to be a big year for Honda as they get set for the launch of the new Civic Type R and their brand new NSX hybrid supercar. Honda will look to take a lead in the car market once again with these brand new models after not such a great time sales wise for the 2014 year. As if the return of these vehicles wasn't exciting enough though, we now also know that Honda are planning for the big return of their CRZ model. The news was broken yesterday which revealed that after being dropped from the UK line up, the car will make its return in two years time. Along with this exciting news, the brand also confirmed some new specifications that will find a place inside of the new vehicle and it is safe to say we are very excited for the new car. Honda will be making big updates to the range that should hopefully help to bring back in some good sales for the firm.


What changes do we know about for the new CR-Z

So regarding the big changes that have been made for the return of the vehicle, Honda have confirmed that the very same two litre turbocharged engine which can be found inside the new Civic Type R will carry over to the vehicle. The new model will also come in the form of a Coupe. The Japanese firm have also confirmed the arrival of the front wheel drive platform which can also be found on the standard Civic. Both of these new changes brought to the car should see it reach some great sales. The reason behind this is due to the same front wheel drive platform and engine from new Civic models which people will see as a good selling point. Around 200 brake horse power will also be delivered from the new engine.


Further developments on the new CR-Z

So with those big changes being brought into play, there is also talk that the company may be looking to take the car one step further with a new hybrid version that for the moment in time is only aimed at the Japanese market. There is a possibility that Honda could also bring this model to the UK further down the line. Honda are however still in a design phase with the new model but we could see it revealed late this year or next year at a big motoring event. Vehicles such as the BMW 118d and the Golf Tdi have given the CR-Z some rival competition in the past but surpassed the car but could this revival for the vehicle but it back in the rankings for the number one spot?.