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The Chevrolet Camaro for 2016 is on the way

Chevrolet have revealed their brand new addition into their Camaro family which makes its way to Europe from next year and it is indeed the one we have all been waiting for...the brand new Camaro. This will be the sixth lifecycle for the Camaro model and although the brand pulled out of the UK, the new car has been confirmed by the brand to be arriving in Europe early on into next year. It is expected that this will be the biggest rival that the new Ford Mustang will have to contend with, especially on the American market but as is well noted, Europe will be receiving the Mustang too. Chevrolet have taken the next step with their range here by boosting up the overall power that the car gives out and even working on techniques in order to make the car much more lightweight and more dynamic than ever before. The new Camaro is set to make Chevrolet one of the biggest players on the market but just how have the mass manufacturer completed this task?.


What can you expect from the new Chevrolet Camaro?

So the first port of call today is what powers the car found underneath the bonnet. Well the good news here is that there is a choice of engines available for the 2016 model and things get underway with the addition of a two litre engine which gives out brake horse power of 275. There is also your mid range option which comes as V6 sized unit carrying 3.6 litres and giving out 335 bhp. Now last but by certainly no means least is the top spec SS version of the Camaro which carries a 6.2 litre V8 handing out 455 bhp. Chevrolet have confirmed that a manual six speed transmission comes along with each model as the standard setup, however an eight speed automatic is also on the cards as an optional feature.


Weight reduction for the Camaro

Like many manufacturers are doing right now, weight reduction has been a strong focus point during the development phase of the new car and this can clearly be seen by the use of new aluminium material in the bodywork. Thanks to the new material used, it has been said by the American car brand that 90kg of weight has been cut from the car.

Many of you will be happy to learn that the car will go on sale here in the United Kingdom when it arrives from early into the course of next year. No price tag for the UK has been given as of yet but Chevrolet commented on the driving setup by stating that right hand drive is not going to be an option.