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Tesla Cancels Model S and Model X Orders for UK Buyers


Tesla has told UK customers that current orders for right-hand drive versions of their Model S and Model X vehicles have been cancelled.


This move has left many customers annoyed but also questions about the future of these models in the UK.   Tesla cancel UK RHD orders for Model S & X


Here we will look into the factors leading to this decision and what solution has been offered to impacted buyers.


Tesla to concentrate on the Model 3 and Model Y in the UK


Tesla has seen demand for its more affordable Model 3 and Model Y cars, pushing a focus on these models.


As a result, Telsa has now withdrawn right-hand versions of the Model X and Model S from the UK market.


These models have consistently lagged behind their smaller siblings in sales volume.


Impact on current orders


UK customers who had placed orders for the RHD Model S or Model X received emails from Tesla informing them of the discontinuation.


To accommodate affected customers, Tesla has customers some options, including:

  • Switching their order to a left-hand drive (LHD) version of the Model S or Model X
  • Changing their order to a Model 3 or Model Y, with a £2,000 credit as compensation
  • Cancelling their order and receiving a full refund


Test Drive Events and Left-Hand Drive Models


In an attempt to help buyers, Tesla has organised a series of test drive events between 28 May and 30 June.


These events will allow reservation holders to test drive the LHD versions of the Model S and Model X in London before committing to their orders.


Simultaneously, this move has opened the door for UK customers to finally place orders for the high-performance 1019bhp Plaid versions of the Model S and Model X, previously unavailable in the UK market.


Production and Sales Figures Comparison


The decision to discontinue RHD Model S and Model X variants can be better understood when examining Tesla's production and sales numbers.


In 2022, Tesla sold 1,247,146 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. In contrast, only 66,705 Model S and Model X units were sold. (Source - Tridens Technology)


The demand for more affordable models has outpaced luxury vehicles, leading Tesla to prioritise its production and sales efforts accordingly.


Future Implications and Considerations


For the LHD Model S and Model X vehicles entering the UK market, Tesla will likely make necessary adjustments to the safety systems and sensors to accommodate driving on the left-hand side of the road.


Some customers may hesitate to purchase LHD vehicles due to the differences in driving experience and potential resale value.


On the other hand, introducing the Plaid models and the continued growth of the electric vehicle market may help offset these concerns.


Tesla's decision to cancel RHD Model S and Model X orders for UK buyers will, no doubt, upset and concern buyers.


While this move may cause some inconvenience for affected customers, it also highlights Tesla's commitment to focusing on the most in-demand models and ensuring the overall success of the electric vehicle revolution.


The future of the Model S and Model X in the UK is now uncertain. However, with interest in EV's still strong the impact on confidence may only be brief.


Written 13/5/23, written by Mark Griffiths