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Seat and Mercedes at the Nurburgring-Skoda reveal the Fabia FUNstar

The Nurburgring has become one of the most legendary testing tracks around the world for new cars from a range of manufacturers which is why, were not surprised to of heard about another new model which has been seen making its way around the track. The all new AMG GT model from Mercedes Benz was caught making its way around the Nurburgring yesterday. The version that was seen is believed to be the test model, but design changes for the production ready version of the car are expected to be minimal. Much was kept under lock and key though, as the German firm made sure to keep the car under a lot of disguise. Although exact confirmation is yet to be given by the brand, we can expect to see the car deliver on around five hundred brake horse power. It is also worth noting that the suspension setup on the vehicle is also going to be a focal point for Mercedes who are looking to lower the setup compared to previous AMG models, in order to make the vehicle much smoother to drive.


The Seat Leon Cupra ST making headlines already

Seat are making the headlines today but not for a reason you may have expected. Speaking earlier about the Nurburgring, the Spanish firm have also been trying their luck around the proving grounds and whether it be luck or sheer brilliance, the new Leon Cupra ST estate model has set a record of its own by being the quickest estate car to ever complete the lap. Originally before the Leon Cupra ST took to the track, this record was held by the Audi brand with their RS4 Avant model. The news was confirmed that a time of seven minutes and fifty eight seconds was complete by the Leon. This is a very impressive time as it proved itself to be eleven seconds faster than the RS4 Avant was. All power has been produced by the car by the fitting of the two litre, turbocharged engine. Seat will be looking to turn a lot of heads with this new addition to their range for the 2015 year and setting the record around the Nurburgring by more than eleven seconds is certainly a great way of doing that.


Skoda reveal the FUNstar pick up model

Czech firm Skoda have been making the headlines this week with their presence at the Worthersee car festival this week. One of the vehicles which they have made the news with is a new concept pick up truck version of their popular Fabia model. The new car has been given the name of the 'FUNstar'. Don't get your hopes up though as this car is not likely to be produced in the future as it was designed by a team of Skoda apprentices. The brand certainly returned to their routes with this new model with the addition of Lime Green paint work which was used on the wheels of the car. This is also contributed well by the Metallic Grey paint work that is also used. One of the big areas of the car that is certain to grab your attention is the use of LED headlight technology. Green striped LED lighting also sits alongside them. The FUNstar looks like a model that could very well catch on for car fans all around the world however, we are not expecting to see the vehicle be produced in the future. A very strong showing though and a great looking car none the less.