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Sales of the Renault Kwid-Honda's FCV future-Hyundai technology

Hydrogen fuelled vehicles are very much becoming a popular choice for car fans all around the world and there has been no better demonstration of this than sales for the Toyota Mirai in Japan. Many other brands are looking to get a piece of the action now by introducing similar models and the next car firm in line to do this is expected to be Honda. The Japanese firm have been hard at work on developing a new FCV model and it is said that they are now closer than ever before to a finished product of the new car. It has been discussed as to when we can expect to see the range of cars go on sale and it is expected that we could still be around five years away from the launch of one of these new models. Honda have said though that it is not going to be a vehicle that they produce limited supplies of, they will be looking for some large mass numbers for the production on the new cars. In Japan, the Mirai is a popular choice for buyers looking for an alternatively fuelled vehicle and it will go on sale in September here in the UK with good sales expected. Will Honda be able to follow in suit though?.


Is the Renault Kwid going to make it to the United Kingdom?

This week Renault have confirmed the production of their new Kwid model which is aimed at the Indian market and will go on sale there from the second half of this year. This news was followed by a statement from the brand who suggested that following sales on the Indian market, the car will also be exported and will start rolling out to other countries around the world. The big thing though is whether the car will be made available here in the United Kingdom?. There has been no clear indication that this is going to be the case, but this model is being referenced as a global vehicle which would mean a lot of countries. The new Kwid will carry an all new platform called the CMF-A and it runs as a hatchback model but with an suv styling design which could very well catch on with many fans. Future world wide sales would really depend on its success on the Indian market but from what we know so far about the car, we see no reason as to why the vehicle could not prove to be successful.


Hyundai make history with new technology

Hyundai have confirmed that they are set to make history with their Sonata range by offering it with new Android automatic technology which will be used for the first time in a production ready Hyundai model. The Korean brand confirmed that this new technology will come fitted to 2015 versions of the car and for those already owning the Sonata, it will be made available via a software update. The new technology allows the drivers phone to be connected to the cars infotainment system which then allows the driver to operate functions of the phone via the infotainment setup. The new technology has been brought into play with hopes of making drivers less distracted by their phones when they are at the wheel.