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Rolls Royce SUV-Mitsubishi low emission campaign-Kia Cadenza

Mitsubishi Motors UK have officially joined a new campaign called Go Ultra Low which helps to increase the awareness for the general public of ultra low emission vehicles. This sort of vehicle is becoming increasingly more popular as the years go by with last year sales figures being reported of 14,518 models for the year alone. This new kind of model vastly focuses on C02 emissions and running costs for the vehicle. Much like they do with electric vehicles, the government offer a total of £5,000 off of the listing price for a new purchase on one of these vehicles. Other big brands such as Audi, Nissan and BMW all support the campaign and now Mitsubishi will also be represented alongside.


More information is revealed for the Rolls Royce SUV

The new model was only given the green light last month for production and although we don't have an official name for the car as of yet, the vehicle given the codename of 'Cullinan' from Rolls Royce has been delivering information left, right and centre for the past number of weeks. This new model will be the first SUV model to be produced by Rolls Royce and is expected to be the number one contender when it comes to challenging the new Bentley Bentayga SUV. The latest news to be dished out on the SUV however states that length wise, the car will match that of the firms Phantom model which measures 5842m in length. Production of this model will begin in two years time and a large V12 engine can be expected to be found underneath the bonnet. In order to make the vehicle more lightweight, it is believed that new chassis development is to be included which will be made from aluminium. The news on specifications for the car are still ongoing and we expect to hear a lot more before the car reaches production in 2017.


A new Kia Cadenza spotted undercover

A brand new version of the Kia Cadenza model has been spotted under some disguise undergoing tests. No confirmation has been given to which countries the vehicle would launch into but the expectation is that the new car would make an arrival in the brands home country of Korea. In Korea this particular vehicle is sold under the name of the K7 but it has not been updated there in a number of years. Therefore this would point towards a launch in Korea. No official information has been given on the vehicle as of yet regarding specifications or even the launch of the car but things such as the engine range and some styling designs would be expected to carry over to the new model. As soon as we have anymore developments on the new vehicle we will keep you up to date with all of the latest.