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New Skoda Roomster-Apple 'Carplay'-Volkswagen Tiguan updates

From next year Skoda will launch their brand new Roomster model onto the streets across multiple countries. Today however we have some information regarding the brand new mode as it has been discussed by the brand. An insider for the brand has commented on the new model and has stated that it will be very different compared to past additions to the range and this new model is set to carry the same underpinnings that can be found on The Volkswagen Caddy. Sales are doing alright for the model here in the UK on a year to year basis but Skoda say they are not strong enough to bring in a new successor to the vehicle. Therefore the new model would not be car to replace the current model but more to run alongside it. The new model is expected to be seen as early as next year but no clear confirmation has been given as to if we will see the car go on sale during the same year or we are going to wait until 2016. As soon as we have more information on the new model we will keep you informed.


The Volkswagen Tiguan set to grow

Volkswagen have announced that they are going to be expanding their Tiguan range by including more features for the vehicle. The German brand have come out and stated that they will be introducing a new third row of seating into the vehicle with the production of these extended models getting underway from next year with production being made at the companies plant in Mexico. A billion dollar investment has been made into the new factory in Mexico which will see 500 of these new extended models produced per day from next year. The brand have not announced for the time being as to which countries will be receiving these new extended models and as to whether the UK will receive it.


Apple car play to find a place in more vehicles

The rate that technology in our cars is growing is coming in at an incredible rate. One of the big features that most cars carry in this day and age however is smartphone connectivity allowing the driver to do things such as media stream, be provided with real time traffic updates and use voice recognition software much like the SYNC system found in Ford models. One of these big features though is 'Carplay' from Apple which allows the driver to operate apps and their phone more easily without the need to actually use their phone. Apple maps, voice recognition and I tunes streaming are some highlights that the car is capable of. The big news though is that an Apple event yesterday the company confirmed that this technology in the future will be found in a lot more vehicles with a large amount of car manufacturers using the product in their vehicle. One of the first demonstrations of the new system will be found in Volvo's forthcoming XC90 model.