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McLaren 570S- Skoda Snowman news-Mercedes sales increase

Skoda are planning the grand launch of their brand new seven seater SUV named the 'Snowman' which is expected to make its grand debut mid way through the course of next year. However we now have a little more information on the new model which confirms to us that the car will use Volkswagen's all new MQB platform. The news has also been confirmed that both five and seven seater variants will also be put on offer with the car. Another piece of information which has also surfaced shows that there will be selections of both diesel and petrol engines available with the new SUV model but the news concerning how much fuel the engines will carry or power output has not been confirmed by the Czech firm as of yet. We do expect to hear more on this closer to the vehicles time of launch next year. Engines are expected to be similar to that currently used in the brands Octavia range. We are certainly looking forward to hearing more about this new 'Snowman' SUV model.


McLaren confirm a UK debut for the 570S

The McLaren brand have confirmed that their brand new 570S model is going to make its grand debut here in the United Kingdom on the 6th of June this year. The car will be revealed in full to an audience at the Wilton classic and Supercar show. Information has also come out early regarding the engine that will also come along with the car. The confirmation of a 562 brake horse power deliverance from the cars 3.8 litre, V8 twin turbocharged engine. We have already seen an image of what we expect the new car to look like and this was revealed in a Silver paint scheme with what looks to be Black Carbon inserts around the front end of the car and along the door panels. The image also reveals what looks to be a tan finish for both the seating and dashboard of the car too. We will know a lot more about this car next month which is when we will bring the latest information to you. One thing we do know however is the price tag that will come along with the new 570S. This has been confirmed to come in with a purchase price of £143.250.


Mercedes new car sales increase in Europe

Mercedes have announced that here in Europe they have seen a huge climb in the number of new car sales with a statistic of an eleven percent climb in sales being reported. 11.3 percent to be exact. The brands new C Class model has been given a lot of credit for being one of the most sold vehicles from the firms line up. For the month of April alone, Mercedes Benz seen reported the sales of 148,072 new cars delivered to customers. However for the entire year up until April, 251,268 sales were revealed. Mercedes will look to continue with this level of success throughout the duration of this year as they prepare to launch their new Maybach S600 model.