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Mazda MX-5 Miata Club- Volvo's new factory-Plug in hybrid sales

Mazda first dropped the news that they are to launch a revised MX-5 just last week and this week at the New York Motor Show, the brand officially revealed the brand new model in all of its glory. Along with the reveal of the car, the brand also announced the range of updates and new specifications that would also be coming along with it. The new model is badged as a 2016 model which could mean a launch next year or late on into this year. Some of the new features that were announced by the Japanese brand from the big event included a brand new limited slip differential system,Bilstein shock absorbers and a Skyactiv six speed manual gearbox. Performance of the car is a big focal point for the new model as demonstrated by brand new tyres and a rear lip spoiler. New seventeen inch alloy wheels also find their place of pride on the new model. USB connectivity,a HD radio, a colour touchscreen measuring seven inches and a BOSE sound system are all included as standard equipment. Mazda have also confirmed that they will be offering an optional package which will see the likes of Brembo brakes included aswell as extended side sills. Mazda have not given an exact date of launch for the new model of a price tag that will come along with either the car or the optional package but we are expecting to hear a lot more on these matters closer to the vehicles time of launch.


Plug in hybrids set for sales drops in America?

Over here in the United Kingdom, Electric vehicles and hybrids are met by a £5,000 reduction on the listing of a cars price from the Government in hopes of having more buyers invest into these kind of cars to make the country less polluted and more eco friendly. One thing you may or may not have known is that other countries offer a similar deal. America is one of these countries with their state of Chicago Illinois offering the service. That is however until now. The state have announced that their rebate programme will face its end which means that drivers will now have to pay the full listing price for their vehicles. The cancellation of the rebate programme has now come into effect which could potentially lead towards a drop in sales for some of the worlds biggest manufacturers. This is also bad news for buyers of some vehicles last year too as they will no longer be issued a rebate on the saved cost. Some of the big sellers over there much like they are here include the likes of the BMW i3, the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. So does this new ruling mean sales will drop or will manufacturers be looking to drop the price of their vehicles in Chicago?. Let us know your thoughts on this matter.


Volvo acquire a new factory

We have seen Swedish car firm Volvo quickly climb the ranks over the past three years by introducing some of the worlds very finest vehicles on the road today. The brand will also do much of the same later this year as they launch their brand new XC90 luxury suv model. However in a huge step for the company that could result in a lot more production of new models in the future, the brand this week come out and announced that they have purchased a brand new factory that they will produce more vehicles from over in the United States. For the time being, the company have not revealed where the plant will be built but we can expect production from the new factory to begin from around the year 2018. Volvo have spent a total of $500 million on the new plant which is equivalent to around £338 million here in Britain. We expect to hear of where the factory will be built over the course of the next few weeks and as soon as we have any more information on the new plant, we will have it for your right here at Gap Insurance 123.