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Magna Steyr Mila Plus revealed-Mitsubishi XR PHEV-New BMW X3 technology advert

There are a number of new hybrid vehicles that will go on display from the Geneva Motor Show next week but today we have learnt the news of a new plug in hybrid sports car that is looking to take centre stage at next weeks big show. A company named Magna Steyr are all set to reveal the new car which has been given the name of the 'Mila' Plus. An image reveals just what the car will look like as it comes along with a Yellow body design which will also be surrounded by Black trimmings. The image was just a sketched design with the full reveal to happen next week. Current information that we know about the car so far though is that two electric motors have been used inside of the vehicle aswell as a three cylinder petrol engine which has also been included. It has been said that the 'Mila Plus' can be driven in hybrid mode or even in all electric mode. For now we know that the model is a concept vehicle but it will be interesting to see whether Magna Steyr will get the go ahead in the future to produce this plug in hybrid.


The Mitsubishi XR PHEV is revealed

Mitsubishi have revealed the new XR PHEV II model. The vehicle is not in production phase for the time being and is just as concept for now. Mitsubishi are looking forward to seeing the reaction they get when the car is revealed in Geneva in one weeks time. Information revealed for the new concept design though shows that some traditional Mitsubishi features are carried over to this particular model including the grille to come along with the car. The brand have been hard at work on developing a new motor which will pair up with an internal combustion engine but as for what capacity the engine will be, this remains unknown. We do know that 160 brake horse power will be the total deliverance from both the motor and the engine. Judging by the look and design of the car, this could be the go ahead for a new crossover vehicle in the future as pictures have revealed large V shaped,swept back headlights,a chrome surrounded grille and flared wheel arches which would therefore make increases of space inside of the cabin. With the cabin in mind, Mitsubishi also revealed snaps of interior setup which is shown packing Orange and Black leather around the seating area aswell as a large centre console and sat nav system built in. Chrome look piping around the centre console and dashboard also give it that added excitement factor.


The BMW X3 focuses on in car technology

A new television advert has just been released for the brand new BMW X3. In the advert a couple are seen walking through a darkened area when the new X3 turns up. The advert is mainly focusing on the new technology that has been included with the car mainly featuring the ConnectedDrive system which can be used to inform the driver of their current surroundings. The 'ConnectedDrive' system to be included with the car will boast some of the latest in in car technology including 3g connectivity. The system works as a sat nav system and is also capable of providing real time traffic updates to drivers. Music streaming and apps can also be used with the 'ConnectedDrive' system. The new advert for the new X3 shows a vast range of features being used as outlined above. The X3 has proven to be a successful addition into the companies range since 2003 and as demonstrated by the 'ConnectedDrive' system is a model that has remained very much upto date with the rest of the range maintaining its place as a popular selling vehicle for BMW.