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Kawasaki and the official reveal of the brand new H2 Ninja

It is set to be the most powerful motorbike on the road and it comes to us courtesy of the minds over at the Kawasaki brand. Ladies and gentlemen introducing..the brand new Ninja H2. The excitement surrounding this bike is phenomenal and all for good reason. The current fastest motorbike on the market right now is held by the Suzuki brand with their very popular Hayabusa model which delivers on 173 brake horse power. The new H2 has been confirmed to carry a huge 300 brake horse power. 194 miles per hour is the top speed deliverance from the Hayabusa which has held the record for the fastest motorbike on the road for many years now but now the H2 from Kawasaki will come roaring in with a total top speed being reported of reached by a tester coming in at 210 miles per hour. This is very remarkable when you think that this is around and even above some top speed limitations on bikes that are used in the Moto Gp world championship right now. The bike was revealed by Kawasaki live from the Intermot motorcycle show in Germany where it received an amazing reception from the live crowd.


What specialties of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 make it the most exciting bike right now?

Well where do we start for this section of the post?. Well with the new H2 set to be the quickest motorbike on the earth, we aim our attention at the engine unit that will come along with the brand new H2. Kawasaki confirmed that the bike will be powered by the addition of a 1.0 litre,four cylinder engine delivering a whopping 300 brake horse power. The speed and power of the H2 is also helped along by the carbon fibre frame that is included which will indeed make the motorbike very lightweight. A brand new Green Trelis frame is also thrown in. The bike when it was revealed in Germany was stated to be just a concept idea at that stage of time however, the brand later on posted up two videos online which teased both a track and street version of the model too.


Regarding the look and design of the H2,the bike does look very future orientated as the machine does have features not often seen on our roads right now. The Ninja H2 was shown in a Black and Silver paint scheme with the Green trellis frame. The furring on the H2 is also very minimal which means we see the displaying of the engine on display.


When can we expect to find out more about the Kawasaki H2?

Although anything regarding a future launch is being kept quiet for now and much of the same for the price tag. It is believed though that the machine will have more information revealed on November 4th live from the EICMA motorcycle show.