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Jaguar F pace debut-new XF specifications-Porsche Boxster Spyder confirmed

British manufacturer Jaguar have confirmed that their brand new F Pace SUV model will make its grand debut from the Frankfurt Motor Show which takes place this coming September. The F Pace has been a much anticipated addition into the suv segment over the course of the past year and its debut this September has made fans even more excited. The news has also confirmed that the new car will find its way onto the streets from early on into the course of next year. Jaguar have not confirmed any technical specifications for the new model as of yet, all we do know is that it will come in the form of a five seater model. A range of both turbocharged petrol and diesel are expected to be offered with the new car but in an interesting note, the brand are referring to the car as a 'performance crossover' and not an suv. We are very excited for the launch of the new F Pace.


The Porsche Boxster Spyder has been revealed

Porsche have officially revealed their brand new Boxster Spyder model which will go down in history as being the fastest Boxster to ever go on sale. The car has been confirmed to be the only Boxster model carrying the fitting of a 3.8 litre,flat six engine. Which will give out 370 brake horse power and is able to reach an all round top sped of 180 miles per hour. Porsche have made it one of their prime focuses to add in some weight reduction with this new model and they have achieved that very well by adding in carbon fibre made bucket seats inside. Further tactics to cut down on weight also include the air conditioning system and the radio also being removed from the vehicle. The brand have confirmed that the new model will go on sale from July and a price tag of £60,459 will also come along with the car.


Jaguar open orders on the new XF model

After revealing the new XF model in London last week and at the New York Motor Show earlier this week, the British brand Jaguar have announced that orders on their new XF model are now open with the first set of deliveries to come into play from this upcoming Autumn time. A price tag starting off at £32,300 has also been confirmed for the car. The new XF will carry the fitting of a two litre ingenium engine in diesel form for entry level models. 161 brake horse power has also been confirmed as the cars power output. There are other engines brought into play too which include a more powerful diesel engine. This will put out 178bhp. The brand have confirmed that just one petrol engine will be made available with the car and that is a supercharged V6 petrol that can be also be found under the bonnet of the F Type. Other big changes revealed where LED headlights all around,a 10.2 inch infotainment system also featuring a 12.3 inch TFT screen. Jaguar have not announced any performance rates or other technical changes for the car as of yet.