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Ferrari engine news-Mercedes AMG GT Black edition -Autonomous cars in the UK

From last year, Italian sports car designers Ferrari began to include turbochargers across a range of their V8 sized engines. Since this work started to begin, there was some questioning from fans all around the world as to whether the brand would start to include these power advancements with higher engine sizes most particularly the V12 engine range. This has been a hot topic over the past number of months but the car company have finally broken their silence and have stated that turbochargers are not set to become a fixture on their V12 engines anytime soon. Although these rumours were dropped quickly, sources close to the firm have stated that new technology features will soon find place amongst these engines which would help the companies cars to perform much more smoothly and efficiently. Ferrari have not confirmed this news as of yet or what models would be affected by these new advancements but some of the companies current range that carry V12 engines include the likes of the Enzo and the FXX.


Mercedes AMG GT Black edition snapped testing?

Images were posted online this week which appears to show the new AMG GT Black Edition from Mercedes Benz testing on the famous Nurburgring testing track. This brand new model is expected to go on sale from next year and is expected to carry the fitting of the same twin turbocharged V8 engine that is currently found in the model except it will deliver more power than the previous model giving out 553bhp. The same seven speed dual clutch transmission system will be offered with the model as before but will be updated in order to help the car drive smoother. Regarding new design changes brought into play for the vehicle, the air intakes have been made larger with new additions included in the design of the bonnet to produce more air flow to the engine. The brakes are to be made bigger and the cars suspension system is also set to be made stiffer than before too. The test car that was snapped had a carbon fibre roof which points towards weight reduction for this vehicle which will help it to be more aero dynamic and travel faster thanks to the new power update also. With all of this in mind, we cannot wait to see the new model out on the road as we check out just what the updated model is capable of doing. The latest on this model is that it's expected to go on sale for a price of around the £135,000 area.


Autonomous vehicles to bring big benefits to the UK

Recent research has shown that when brand new autonomous technology finds its way into vehicles here in the United Kingdom, it could very well open the doors to much more revenue here in Britain aswell as the openings of thousands of job vacancies. Around £51 billion in total is expected to be increased in Revenue for the country thanks to the selling of these new cars and the Government clearly see this too as they have invested £100 million into the research and development of the new technology. With this new technology currently in the process of being developed, the new system will allow the car to think for the driver which would see it avoid oncoming collisions with other vehicles which would therefore drop the number of traffic accidents that currently occur in the country. Around a further 320,000 job vacancies are also expected to be opened up when the new technology starts finding its place inside of vehicles. All of these results were found by some research that has been done by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.