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BMW X7 engines-Vauxhall Mokka upgrade-Audi Mini van plans

Today we have some more news regarding the brand new X7 SUV model from the BMW brand which is all set to go into production and on sale from 2017 or 2018. An exact date of launch has yet to be revealed. However we do have some interesting information that has appeared today from Spanish reports which show that the engine selection for the new model is all set to consist of six cylinder engines aswell as eight and twelve cylinder selections. The six cylinder engines are expected to come turbocharged as the eight cylinder units are to consist of diesel selections. Last but not least the twelve cylinder setup will come in the size of a V12. BMW will also go with the latest trends from the motor world by offering the car with a plug in hybrid option also. The new X7 is expected to be a popular choice in the suv market when it launches and can be thought to be an ideal rival going up against some popular Range Rover models. Stay tuned for more information on this brand new model.


Vauxhall add a new engine to their Mokka range

BMW are not the only firm focusing on their engine range for popular vehicles, the next company in line to do much of the same is Vauxhall who have over the weekend announced that their Mokka model is all set to receive an upgrade. The brand have done a lot of work to make the model more efficient and powerful and we think that they will do a good job of this by offering the same 1.6 CDTi engine in diesel form that can be found in the current Astra model. Thanks to the new engine fitting, this means that the Mokka is now Euro 6 compliant by giving out 109g/km of C02 emissions. Overall the new engine will produce 135 brake horse power and can hit a top speed of 119 miles per hour. The engine however is made from aluminium materials which helps to reduce noise output from the car and the vibrations of the car also see a considerable decrease resulting in a much smoother driving experience for Mokka owners. This is exciting news from Vauxhall which could help to see the Mokka become even more of a bigger seller than it already is.


No Audi minivan on the way anytime soon?

Minivan models are becoming more popular by the day and one of the finest examples of this recently is the introduction of the 2 Series Gran Tourer by BMW. With the positive feedback that the new car has been receiving, there has been speculation that other manufacturers may be set to introduce models of their own in a much similar fashion, specifically Audi. However over the weekend Audi have said that they do not have any plans to release a model of this nature that would rival the likes of the 2 Series Gran Tourer. Audi stated that with so many mini van models already on offer from their owners the Volkswagen Group, they do not feel the need to release one of these models onto the road anytime soon. They also commented on the speculation by saying that suv models is where the attention is right now so they plan to focus on their suv range. Audi will make one of their biggest steps toward this, this year when they launch the brand new Q7.