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Bentley on their brand new 'Bentayga' model

Well there was no secret behind it and there was certainly no denying that Bentley Motors were in the middle of producing a brand new SUV model under the name of the 'Bentayga'. Today though we have more information on the car after test photos were posted online earlier in the week. The brand officially declared that the name of the new car is indeed the 'Bentayga' and it is named after a combination of 'Taiga' which is the worlds largest snow forest and 'Bentayga' which is a peak located in the Canary islands. The company say the name reflects the different terrain conditions that the car is capable of driving in and it is to be name that is remembered and associated with their SUV model. The new model is one of the most hyped and anticipated vehicles for this moment in time and word has been spreading even wider since their rival Rolls Royce announced they would be bringing an SUV of their own to the table in a few years time. So what work have the company done inside and outside of the vehicle to make it even more memorable in years to come?.


The things you should know about the new 'Bentayga'

So regarding some of the details we know about the new car already, one thing that Bentley have been popular for is a good range of power and performance, that is why we are delighted to see a six litre W12 sized engine come into the fold which we would expect will be joined alongside by an alternative choice in the form of the V8, Twin turbocharged four litre unit. Recent test images posted online have given us our best look at the new design of the car yet. The snaps which emerged earlier this week reveal the car carrying Black paintwork but no comment has been made as to whether we can expect to find more at launch. The wide front grille we know Bentley for also finds its place at the front end of the car. Multi spoke alloy wheels and large front headlights were also spotted. Checking out the interior it looks very spacious indeed but some features do remain a mystery for now as covering was placed inside of the cabin.


When will the 'Bentayga' make its debut?

The brand new model is set to go on display at one of this years big motoring events and considering the Geneva event has been and passed and the New York show is very close, our guess would be around the Frankfurt motoring event in Germany this coming September. Sales for the car will soon follow from next year and a purchase price of around the £140,000 area is expected to come along with the car.