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Audi A8 for 2017-Porsche electric car-A revised Citroen C4 spotted

 So many car manufacturers in this day and age are focusing their attention on all electric vehicles. Some demonstrations from some of these companies are the i8 sports car from BMW, the Model S from Tesla and the Leaf from Nissan. Other companies are also deciding to go more down the sports car route now also which brings us to our point today. When are Porsche going to produce an all electric vehicle?. Well the answer to that question is anybodies guess. Over the years though we have seen the company adapt to new drive-trains and technologies but a recent study completed by Bez Dimitri a professional designer reveals what the future of such as vehicle could look like. A designed image of what has been called the 356e was revealed showing a basic design for the car with a raised back end which was explained to be carrying a battery and the electric motors. There is certainly a massive demand for an all electric Porsche but will the company respond to these needs?. Only time will tell.


A new Citroen C4 is spotted on the streets

Images have been posted online showing what seems to be a newly redesigned version of the Citroen C4. The new car is expected to be going on sale for the Chinese market but with the car testing in Europe the car may see a launch here in the UK too. The car was shown carrying more of a sedan like look and was very heavily disguised so it may prove to be a problem looking into new designs for the car at this stage in time. What we can tell you though is that the car is not carrying the traditional C4 unique design with the car now looking more flat at the front end. Two things we do know for sure though is that stop-start technology is going to be included with the model and we will also see the fitting of a 1.2 litre petrol engine that is turbocharged. Chinese markets will get the car before the end of this year but we are unsure for the moment as to whether the revised C4 will go on sale here in the UK.


The next Audi A8 set for 2017

It has been confirmed that the brand new A8 model from Audi will go on sale in two years time when it reaches the roads in 2017. The brand new model is going to make history for the brand and the automotive industry in general as it will be the first in line to receive autonomous driving technology. Now this new system has been a big focal point for car fans all around the world over the duration of the past year but the company have not made the self driving system a full experience. It has been said from the brand that the new system will be used for traffic jams this time around. The car will detect traffic jams both in front and alongside the car and will slow down speeds appropriately. The car will also make the use of pilot parking which means that the car will be able to park itself. For the moment though, information is running a little scarce and we are unsure of what engines and performance rates aswell as other specifications will find a special place inside of this history making model. Keep an eye out over the coming year as we expect to hear more about the new A8.