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Aston Martin Vulcan details-Volkswagen Passat concept-Audi Prologue Avant

New details have recently emerged regarding a brand new concept vehicle which is set to go on display from Aston Martin at next weeks Geneva Motor Show. The new Super car has been given the name of the 'Vulcan' and it was teased with an image for the first time last week. At that moment in time information was being kept very quiet and the car remained a bit of a mystery. That was until this week though. The sports car brand has now come out and revealed some information about the new model with one of the big facts being that the power produced by this spectacular model is hitting out at 800 brake horse power and if it were to go on sale it would be costing you £1.5 million. Aston Martin have revealed as you may have expected that the 'Vulcan' will only be made available in very limited numbers, twenty four to be precise. Obviously this is a nod towards the Le Mans 24 hour race which is where we will see the car performing for the first time. A seven litre, V12 engine has also been confirmed for the 'Vulcan'.


A new Volkswagen Passat concept is revealed

Volkswagen have revealed a new concept vehicle that they will be bringing along with them to the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle is expected to be a replacement for the Passat model but there is no confirmation as of yet to whether this will be another Passat in the making. The brand have however released some teaser images of the car showing the direction which they have taken with the bodywork of the car. The car was displayed in a Golden Yellow finish a large front grille was also shown in the images along with complete LED lighting. One of the things we did notice about the vehicle is just how wide it is. It is clear that the car is to be a four door cope variant and the use of not one but two electric motors running alongside a petrol engine fully turbocharged has been confirmed to make the cut. We will see the new concept on full display at the big event in Geneva Switzerland.


Audi to introduce the Prologue Avant

Volkswagen and Aston Martin however are not the only companies to display new concept vehicles at next weeks event. Audi have now let the cat out of the bag about their new Prologue Avant model which they will be showing. The German car maker have revealed some new images of just what the car will look like and have also revealed that the vehicle will be using their new laser light technology. In terms of looks and designs, the car strikes a similar match to that of the A6 when looking at the bodywork which is a clear indication that some similar features may very well be carried over. A Prologue concept car was first shown in Los Angeles late last year which was equipped with a twin turbocharged V8 engine carrying four litres of fuel. So there is a good chance that this newly revealed model may also carry the same unit. Look out for this official reveal in Switzerland next week for more information.