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Yamaha MT-25 leaked-KTM 1290 Super duke-Yamaha NMAX revealed

Yamaha have revealed a brand new addition to their range which may not have been what you were expecting. With R6 and R1 models being the focus point of the brand, a scooter was not expected for a grand reveal but that is exactly what we have received and we have to say, the excitement over how this new model is looking is through the roof. Yamaha have revealed their new scooter which has been given the name of the 'NMAX' and looks to bring a sportier design in general to the scooter market. More and more companies are producing scooters now with the likes of Suzuki, Fiat,Peugeot and Honda offering some of the very best that the market has to offer. The new 'NMAX' however will carry sporty fittings never seen on a scooter before such as LED lighting both at the front and back. LCD screens are also to be found for the HUD display. Yamaha also look to create a smooth riding experience which will certainly be achievable thanks to the fittings of shock absorbers and ABS which comes along with the 'NMAX' as standard. To appeal to all customers, when the scooter goes on sale in June, four options as far as the colour is concerned are on the table. Black,Silver,White and Red are your options. Sound good to you?. This could be scooter that makes the range much more popular.


The 1290 Super duke from KTM is spotted

KTM are expected to launch their new 1290cc Super duke model onto the road either late this year or next year at the latest. We do know however that the bike is going to be revealed officially this year during the Autumn time. Images have been revealed though which show the bike recently testing on the streets of Spain dropping some of the disguise that was previously seen on the model in earlier test shots. The only thing set in stone for the new bike so far is that it will come equipped with the fitting of a V Twin engine unit that can also be found in the brands Super Adventure model and the Super Duke R model. Power output for the bike has not been revealed as of yet but judging by the two previous models,around 180 brake horse power is expected to come from the new Super duke. The frame of the bike is looking much wider than the previous two models and a new taller screen at the front has also been included aswell as a much more pointed front end. Prices for the new KTM remain unconfirmed at this moment in time but we expect to know more on this matter when the bike is revealed this year.


Our best look at the Yamaha MT-25 yet?

Yamaha are expected to launch their next addition into their MT range later on into the course of this year under the badge of the MT-25. New images have appeared on popular social media website Twitter which shows the brand new bike photographed in full before a grand reveal from the brand themselves. The images were sent to another company via Twitter from a company based in India. Along with the sent over images, the company also stated that the engine of the new bike,chassis, suspension and exhaust system are also shared with the firms R25 model. This could very well give you a hint at the kind of power that the new MT model will be giving out. A Silver paint design for the tank, forks and back end of the bike matched with bright Blue wheels and the bikes frame help the MT-25 stand out very well. Nothing more is known about the new MT addition as of yet and Yamaha refuse to comment on the matter for the time being. Expect to see the new MT-25 officially debuted later on this year.