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World superbikes-KTM milestone-Kawasaki H2 drag racer

The Austrian motorcycle company KTM have this year officially broken a personal record for themselves by producing and rolling 100,000 motorcycles off of the production line this year alone. This is a new record setting milestone for the company who have asserted themselves as one of the leading providers of motocross motorcycles. The 100,000th bike to come out of the production design was an 1190 Adventure model according to the company. Production on KTM motorcycles first began in 1999 and since this time around 1.2 million motorcycles have been developed. This is exciting news for the company as they are beginning to break into the sports bike world also aswell as tourers and adventure models. With 2015 on the horizon and many brand new models including the Yamaha R6 and the Kawasaki Ninja H2 on their way, can KTM maintain this excellent momentum that they have achieved this year?.


World superbikes to bring a new division?

The motorbike racing circuit is mainly dominated by the likes of the Moto GP. Both the British superbikes and World superbikes are the next in line though as far as excitement is concerned and great riding ability. The World superbikes however are looking to make their racing even more interesting in the future by potentially bringing in a new division of 300cc racing. This news segment being approved would mean that we would see the likes of the Yamaha R3 and models such as the Kawasaki Ninja 300 get out on the track amongst many more production bikes race tuned with 300cc engines. WSB are currently in talks with a range of manufactures to see if they can get them on board with the idea. Yamaha and Kawasaki aswell as KTM have been contacted by the WSB board and we will bring more news on the matter as and when it happens.


Kawasaki reveal a H2 drag racer

In a one off move from Kawasaki, the company have revealed a drag racing version of the new H2 Ninja model. The H2 is to be one of the most powerful motorcycles that the brand will have on offer from 2015 with both a road and track version of the bike being launched globally. The drag version of the machine only has one unit and it was presented to drag racing champion Rickey Gadson. It features a longer design to what we have seen from the standard H2 with the rear wheel being pushed back a considerable amount. The bike has been put on a straight track in North Carolina America and seen a top speed hit out at 166 miles per hour and a quarter of a mile reached in just slightly over eight seconds.